Wayne Lippard Says Son, Steven, Was Hit By Meteorite

A Florida father believes his 7-year-old son was struck by a meteorite.

Wayne Lippard told Fox News that his son, Steven, was playing in their Loxahatchee driveway Saturday.

"I walk into the house and about four minutes later, he comes to the window screaming,” Lippard said. “The gash looked pretty bad, but it wasn’t bleeding a lot so we didn’t panic."

The gash needed three stitches, according to CBS 12.

In an effort to figure out what caused the injury, Lippard went searching outside and found a handful of pea-sized rocks, spread out in a 3-foot diameter, that didn't match any others in the driveway. The 43-year-old father believes the rocks are meteorites, and are responsible for his son's injury.

He took the rocks to Florida Atlantic University to be analyzed, and though they did determine the rocks were magnetized -- which supports his theory they are meteorites -- researchers told Fox they "were not able to determine if the material brought to the laboratory by Mr. Lippard is a meteorite or not," and that more specialized equipment would be needed to do so.

Lippard is hoping to get the rocks analyzed, but won't give them up until he has a guarantee he'll get them back.

“This is a meteorite, I know it. I want to make sure they’re truly investigated properly.”

The chances of getting hit by a meteorite are extremely low, but people do have close encounters.

And in 2011, an egg-sized meteorite came crashing through the roof of the Comette (yes, that's their last name) family in France, the Guardian reported.

And in 1992, a car in New York was smashed by a 27-pound meteorite, according to the Orlando Sentinel.



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