Ways Of Expressing One's Personality

Ways Of Expressing One's Personality
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We are all the same, yet so different. It's incredible that there are so many people on the Earth, and you can hardly find human beings who are alike, even twins look different if one takes a closer look at them. And no doubt that we are not only different in term of our physical looks, but also regarding our views on life, moral values, attitudes, and beliefs.

Every child in the process of development reaches a stage when it becomes a personality. It's a long process through which a child can make a lot of mistakes, learn new things all the time, formulate his or her interests, hobbies, attitudes, perception of life, etc. Society as a whole and parents are guiding the child and influence his or her further personality development.

Through the process of child's development to the stage when one reaches maturity, the attitudes and life views can undergo different changes. Often, to convey one's individuality, teenagers and adults show their opinions and express their personality via different things.

Choosing a particular outfit is going to tell a lot about each person. We cannot read other people's mind, - that's why we formulate our first impressions by looking at them and what they are wearing. There are different clothes styles, like official one (if we want to emphasize our professionalism), casual (when we just want to feel comfortable without attracting too much attention), etc. One could also combine different clothes styles to emphasize his or her innovativeness and boldness. The choice of the clothes color is going to say something about a person as well. There is a danger, of course, to fall into a stereotypical thinking and make wrong conclusions, like perceiving an individual who is wearing black as someone strict, sad, serious, but we can try and pass those stereotypes. Besides, first impressions are not the last ones.

Choosing certain accessories can talk quite a bit about every person. Wearing earrings, necklaces, bracelets of an individual form serves as a great way of self-expression, especially for women. Men can choose some embroidered hats with their creative logo and image, customized purses, bags and watches to express their personality.

Getting a tattoo is one of the ways of revealing one's identity as well. Depending on what picture, sign, words and in what part of the body one chooses to have a tattoo, it will show a person's interests and views. For example, seeing a tattoo of a camera on a person's hand will speak about his/her interest in photography and, probably, art in general.

Wearing a particular makeup (or not wearing it at all), choosing to have short or long hair, experimenting with the hair color can give us some clues about the person's individuality. It's about presenting yourself to other people and giving them hints of how you want to be viewed and perceived by others.

There might be different ways of expressing one's personality, and the selection of this or that mode of expression depends on various factors like different life periods, cultural aspects and, minor, but not the last factor, is the mood and a desire to experiment in life and try something different. Life is not rectilinear; the personality is not rectilinear as well, we are in constant movement, are changing all the time and use different self-expression methods depending on those changes.

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