Ways The Color Black Helps

Black is a foundation color, or the absence of color: a color that sets boundaries and defines borders. It is called upon to help us respect grief, while at the same time being an elegant color called upon for that special formal dress affair. Hence, black tie and the little black dress. Further, it can carry the image of mystery. Use black judiciously and here are some ideas

Personal power:

When you need to feel a sense of personal power or control, incorporate the color into your wardrobe. Chances are that you will feel assured and confident.


Create limits by sectioning off rooms with black accents. Use the color to allow for change in your life.


When you need to assert your position without threat, black can be your friend when applied sparingly.

Black was one of the first colors that artists experimented with and, by its definition, is an regal color that helps one organize the mind according to a goal. Thinking of the color this way may make it work for you, especially when you need support and understanding.

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