Ways to automate your business using online tools

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Every business is established for earning profits and serving its cause of existence. Every businessman wants to earn profits. They want all the operations of their business run smoothly. Everything that runs the business is an operation.

Many Businessmen still do not want to make a change in the way they do things. They still depend on conventional methods of doing business.

In this age of information and automation, Innovation is the game changer. Conventional methods are wearing out. Innovation is now the key to thriving business.

If you want to have an edge over your competitor, you have to think innovatively. You have to act innovatively.

Change the way you are doing things, the things you are doing would yield better results.

Automation is one of the ways to change the way we do our business.

It quickens the pace of operations, responses and interactions.

Some automations that can be implemented are mentioned down below:

Websites are far more advanced now. With the advent many new functions in the web, hiring a professional to manage them all is important. Even if you know how to manage, you won’t have enough time to keep pace with it.

A website is an interface between your clients and your business -a virtual market — sometimes traffic too large to manage comes in, it might consume much off the bandwidth of the server. This, if not managed makes go websites crash.

When this happens you would not be available there to manage all that traffic. Website has to manage itself. There are many professionals out there to manage to your website. They can even manage to make your website self-managing.

Great websites can accelerate and grow your business, but they require consistent maintenance, care and management. There should be someone looking and taking care of the website all the time. Hosting thus, is very important to maintain proper functionality and productivity of a website.

Nothing works and markets better than Emails do. Everyone is connected through Emails. Emails have much bigger personal interaction than many other means of connecting.

Keeping customers engaged in company’s campaigns is really important.

There are tools available on the internet to automate the sequence of Emails. You can set a series of mails and the corresponding sequence in which they have to be delivered (Sign up-log in E.g).

Autoresponders solve this problem. Example Mailchimp

Content is really important for marketing. The time of its delivery is more important.

If we open our eyes and mind we can find thousands of tools that can deliver content automatically. Wordpress is the most widely used tool in content delivery.

It publishes all the content as you set when to.

But since it cannot judge the quality of the content, so don’t forget to take a good preview of your content before getting it published.

Numbers are game changer. Knowing the numbers is a deciding factor is formulating business strategies.

So you need tool to monitor traffic and their sources. Google analytics is one of the tools where you can monitor traffic on your website.

Obviously, knowing how much numbers your investment has yielded is important. There are tools that help you determine and monitor those numbers. Operations and functions like sells, social media interactions, marketing, finance all can be determined using these tools.

There are tools you can use and customize your dashboard as per your requirement.

Every corporation is active on social media.

Well I know you are active too. So I don’t need to explain how important is to manage the social media.

There are tools out there to do your work at social media. That is automation you see!

You can schedule your posts there. Set up responses for the customer interaction. They can respond and engage your customers with the conversations and your posts.

You can set your priorities. You can like, unlike, follow, unfollow anyone.

Example: Hootsite

Clients and customers often come with a lot of queries. So setting up a separate board for FAQs can reduce the number of queries they would ask you directly.

Preparing a set of potential questions they could ask is a good idea. This would reduce the queries that could be asked directly.

There are millions of Emails you might have to manage.

There are tools out there which can help you manage them all. They can save all the troubles of segregating potential customers out of the millions you have connected to. They manage and analyze the responses as per your requirement.

Example .Zoho CRM

Being available to each and everyone is impossible.

There are tools to manage your staff.

Using these softwares you can easily manage your staff and allot them tasks, attach files.

There are tools for project management also.

Training people is a tough task. There is always a lot to teach. There is a lot to ask. But there is no time to teach all and answer all.

So focus on creating more and more content that can help others to understand and deepen their understanding about the task. More importance should be given to Videos. Audiovisuals are easier to remember and last longer than the written format. Upload them on Youtube or some other video sharing website.

Managing and specifying the content as per the staff training requirement is really helpful.

While setting something like this can take up a lot of your time, in the long run it can save many hours of training, eliminate questions as staff can just log on to refresh their memory, and it also saves you on overheads such as paper.

Every business needs all the data irrespective of time.

So a backup is always important. There are also tools to back up all your data. No matter if you lost some important data. These tools will help you get them back.