Ways to Avoid Micromanagement


Every day brings with it new challenges, but it also brings new opportunities. It's very easy to overlook the positive by focusing on the negative. People seem to like to micromanage what went wrong when they should be looking at what went right. Many of us spend days, months, weeks and even years being upset over things that are beyond our control.

I was taught that when an obstacle is in your path and it refuses to move, that it should be taken as a sign that whatever you are trying to reach is not something that is in your best interest. We always know what is in our own best interests, and we know instinctively, through our core beliefs. The idea is to get around the obstacle by accepting that it exists and detouring to the path you might have felt was the unlikely one to take. That all sounds wonderful, doesn't it? It's how we want to be: living an inspired and miraculous life. But how do we achieve that? What steps do we take? Here are some suggestions to apply to your action list to help you prevent micromanagement.

1. Meditation
It stands alone as the single most important action you can take that will apply positive energy to your life in a way that will help you deal with the issues around you.

2. Motivation
Decide what is important to control and what isn't. Ask yourself what is motivating you toward the thought or action you are taking, and what benefit it will have to all those involved.

3. Movement
Once you've contemplated your motivation, take the action that will move you toward collaboration, rather than demanding things to be your own way with no wiggle room for compromise.

Remember: The key is to avoid micromanaging everything in your life. Leave yourself open to divine inspiration, and always expect a miracle.