10 Things You Should Be Doing On Behalf Of The Planet

Earth Will Thank You: Simple Ways To 'Go Green' Everyday

A recent survey from the Pew Research Group reports that the number of Americans who believe the earth is warming dropped to 59 percent last year from 79 percent in 2006. But while enthusiasm for legislation to tackle climate change has waned in the U.S. since the recession, countries around the world from Australia to China have stepped up efforts to roll back the effects of man-made global warming. Unfortunately, if Americans -- who produce twice the emissions per capita that Europeans do -- don't change their ways, the efforts of the rest of the developed and developing world could be for naught.

But Americans don't have to wait for the President, congress or the oil industry to step up to the plate in order to make our voices heard on behalf of Mother earth. We can "go green" without making sweeping changes to our lives and turning the effort into a daunting task. Simple things can make a difference.

Here are our tips on the 10 things you should be doing on behalf of the planet:

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10 Things You Should Be Doing To Improve The Planet

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