Ways To Know Safety Of Your Kids When You Are Not With Them

n today's highly digital world, children and young people spend a lot of time online and are exposed to all sorts of information. While the Internet has been a blessing to the world, there are still some negative aspects that have led to serious damages on young lives and families.

Gone are the days when only adults had the luxury of using mobile phones that children and teens had little access to. Now the younger generation has outreached adults in the use of smart phones. The social behavior of modern-day kids has changed and due to this, we've heard cases of teenagers who have committed suicide as a result of cyberbullying. They are even exposed to unwanted contents online and there's constant anxiety among most parents regarding the safety of their loved ones.

The best way to ensure safety is by first preparing before hand and also taking proactive steps to educate children about some of the ills of the Internet.

Unfortunately, even with prior preparation, parents can't always be present with their children. Utilizing technology such as iPhone spy apps is one such smart way to know the safety of your children. By using such apps, parents can ensure safety of kids even in their absence. There are various apps like iKeyMonitor which solve these safety problems including:

1. Adult Contents-

Because of the digital world today,children are exposed to many unfiltered content which should be restricted from their reach. Many online gaming sites have porn images that pop up, which if not monitored properly could entice the children and expose them to adult related content. The spy apps give you options to block the inappropriate sites like porn and phishing, thereby keeping your children away from these unwanted contents.

2. Cyber Bullying-

The Internet boom has brought a new menace of cyber bullying in which online peers start using abusive language and threaten others on the web. Social media platforms are most common sources of these acts. The young children and teens that are emotionally sensitive may not be able to handle this pressure and may take wrong decisions that eventually take a toll on their lives. By using such apps, it can help monitor social networking activities and even record messages which can be used to help children handle the situation in a better manner.

3. Spamming-

It is the most common phenomena of modern day digital world. It is especially common in emails. Many spam email messages are received every day which can again lead to exposure of erotic contents or data theft. Spy apps help track such email messages.

4. Violence-
There are many applications and gaming sites online which serve as shear violence to the audience in the name of gaming and fun. The young minds are not able to differentiate between them and could pick up the violent streak from there and start implementing these behaviors in real world. Apps blocker option reduces the unwanted exposure and protects them from violence online. You can also limit the time of usage for each phone.

5. Locate them-

Each mobile app comes with a mobile locator feature which helps you know the exact location of the phone through an installed GPS. By tracking movement, parents or older siblings can know where children are going and also keep track of the places children visit most often, just to be sure they are in good company.

6. Safety from Stalkers-

You might know about stalkers in real life but today virtual stalkers have also come up. They follow people without any awareness of their activities. Kids and teens indiscreetly use Internet to share their happiness, sorrow and adventure details through their blogs, pictures and video blogs. You can ensure safety by actively keeping track of messages and people who follow your children online. Though this might sound extreme, it's one of the proactive steps you can take to ensure children or friends are safe and to avoid any mishaps in the future.

7. SOS-
This is a unique feature in modern day apps which helps the iPhone users to contact their loved ones in case of any danger. It is especially useful for girls and young kids.

It's easy to ignore some of these safety tips by assuming the society is safe. But with recent statistics of deaths and other evils happening as a result of internet activities such as cyerbullying, it's very important to prepare yourself and family ahead of time. By taking proactive steps towards your safety, you'll be saving your loved ones from a lot of stress and damage.