Ways To Survive 2017

After an immeasurable loss of life, illogical political decisions, and the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the way forward might seem daunting. It may seem like a time to step inward to avoid the weirdness of the modern world but the truth is 2017 needs to be about taking a step forward.

First, yes, 2016 wasn't great but it wasn't as bad as you think. Fewer people are dying from disease than ever before, carbon emissions are down, and technology is advancing at an alarming rate. So, don't feel too sad.

Take a page from Adam Rose's book and look at this effective way to survive 2017. His top ten list allows people to wall themselves in with illogical decisions and guns. He shows that the only way to be politically active is to criticize everyone and believe everything you hear online. If you follow his handy guide, you'll ensure that we're doomed to repeat the fuckery that was 2016.

Or you could think for yourself. Maybe do something politically active, make good art, stop criticizing everything on social media, be open to new forms of thought, and try something new. The world needs strong and inspired people right now, make sure you're one of them.