9 Ways To Use Your Attic (That Have Nothing To Do With Storage)

For anyone who's lived in a cramped apartment, or anywhere low on space, for that matter, moving into a place with an attic can feel like hitting the storage jackpot. But what if we started looking at this space as less of a graveyard for your yard-sale rejects and more of an extra room in the house?

These 9 spaces are here to help do just that.

1. A luxurious spa retreat.
spa retreat

2. A quiet room to work.

3. A serene master suite.
master suite

4. A colorful guest getaway.
guest getaway

5. A place for the kids to play.
kids playroom

6. A modern basement alternative.
basement alt

7. A cozy spot to curl up.
cozy spot

8. A lookout with jaw-dropping views.
attic room

9. A fitness lover's dream.

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