13+ Ways to Wear a Plain White T-Shirt

Who else loves the versatility of a plain white t-shirt? The casual cousin to the LBD, a basic white tee is a fashion staple for any woman's wardrobe. Once you find the perfect white t-shirt for your personal style, you can wear it a hundred different ways.
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Who else loves the versatility of a plain white t-shirt? The casual cousin to the LBD, a basic white tee is a fashion staple for any woman's wardrobe. Once you find the perfect white t-shirt for your personal style, you can wear it a hundred different ways.

I reached out to a few fashion bloggers to demonstrate both the creativity and simplicity in styling a basic white t-shirt. I also came up with a few easy outfits myself! Many of these ideas can easily be tweaked with what you already have in your wardrobe at home.


Shea Marie is a fashion influencer, designer, stylist, creative consultant, TV host, photographer, model and editor of PeaceLoveShea.com. During a trip to Paris, she put together a casual ensemble for sight-seeing. Black jeans, white t-shirt, over-sized denim jacket, a statement belt, a fun bracelet, cute denim print flats and a brown patterned purse. For more style inspiration, follow Shea on Instagram!


Emily Schuman founded Cupcakes and Cashmere in 2008 to encourage and inspire readers through fashion, food, beauty and interior design. Emily's blog has branched out into a book and even a fashion line. To highlight an eyelet skirt from her 2016 spring collection, Emily put together a fun look with a plain white tee, leather jacket and strappy sandals. Check out her spring collection on ShopBop.


Chic black and white is a classic color combo that Emily wears well. On another occasion, Emily featured a basic white t-shirt with white jeans, white flats, a black blazer and a black clutch.


Connie is a stylist who blogs at Art in the Find, where she shares her style tips and fashion advice for the everyday woman. I love her pink and feminine approach to a casual white t-shirt. Connie shared a few mix-and-match ideas with a pink tulle skirt, white tee, gray sweater, animal-print heels, rose-gold loafers and a neutral clutch. Her Instagram feed is just as bright and happy as her blog!


Wendy Nguyen is the fashionista behind Wendy's Lookbook with a heart for youths impacted by the juvenile justice system. While in Colorado a few years ago, Wendy brightened her white t-shirt with orange shorts, a green scarf, brown sandals and a purple purse.


Now Wendy has figured out a way to give back to her community in style. She just launched the Wendy's Lookbook Foundation, a collaboration to empower youth through an intensive entrepreneurship and social enterprise curriculum. Wendy worked with two youths to design simple t-shirts to sell to raise money for the foundation.


While the Hero tee is technically a plain black t-shirt, I still want to include it! The Journey tee is a basic white t-shirt.


Jaelan runs the lifestyle and beauty blog Making Mrs. M. She put together a handy guide on how to glam a basic t-shirt! I love the way she paired her tee with a black skirt and some sparkly jewelry. Follow her on Instagram for more fashion, beauty and lifestyle insights.


Abi Rousell is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger living in Brighton, UK. She's another fashionista to embrace the endless possibilities in black and white. For a monochrome look, Abi matched her black skinny jeans and white tee with black boots and a black coat, with only a muted green necklace providing a pop of color.


Last summer, I ran a short blog series on Belle Brita featuring plain white t-shirts. I mixed and matched different elements to create 7 unique outfits. Four different pairs of shoes, two different straw hats, three pairs of shorts, two pairs of pants, one skirt and a variety of jewelry. Not pictured are the two different looks featuring red skinny jeans.


My goal was to provide some inspiration for the everyday woman. Most of us are on budgets and need multiple ways to wear the same basic pieces. I hope today's collaborative post is just what you need to freshen up your style with what you already own!

Is a white t-shirt a staple in your wardrobe? What's your favorite way to wear it? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Brita is a freelance writer and copywriter who founded the Christian feminist lifestyle blog Belle Brita, where she regularly writes about marriage, feminism and whatever else piques her interest. Keep up with her adventures on Instagram!

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