WBEZ's Justin Kaufmann Interviews 'Henneman,' Drunk Cubs Fan On Opening Day (VIDEO)

Justin Kaufmann, WBEZ content developer and member of the sketch comedy group "Schadenfreude," spent election season lampooning one of Chicago's ugliest stereotypes, the corrupt politician, with the fictional Alderman Ed Bus.

Now that the ballots are in, he's found a new -- and maybe even uglier -- character to mock: the drunk Cubs fan stumbling around Wrigleyville.

Chicagoist tipped us off yesterday to Kaufmann's interview with "Henneman," a fan who comes to Wrigley for "the wings, the beer deals, there's usually hot guys who are up for anything, the hats..." (you know the type).

The Henneman character is a Schadenfreude stand-by played by Kate James. But the interview, which took place at the Cubs' first game of the season, on April Fool's Day, was amazing enough and apparently realistic enough that the folks at Deadspin and Ride the Pine took it at face value.

Kaufmann wasn't the only one at WBEZ to get in on some April Fool's antics. Dulcet-voiced traffic reporter Sarah Jindra put the fear of the commuting gods into listeners with a terrifying broadcast that morning.

Watch Kaufmann with "Henneman":