WCFA and PR Museum write the history of the global PR community together

The legendary WCFA USA trip will take place from August 10th until August 18th. During the trip four cities on the East and on the West Coast will be visited: New York, Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The United Nations Head Quarter, the White House, Hollywood and Silicon Valley; seats of world politics and global business, are some of the most significant stations of the itinerary. 15 business meetings are scheduled, among them at the offices of Youtube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Apple.

The trip starts on August 10th with a special event organized by the WCFAssociation and its Founder Yanina Dubeykovskaya and the PR Museum and its Founder Shelley Zuckerman Spector. Established in 1997 in New York, the PR Museum is the only one museum in the world dedicated to the history and the present of Public Relations. Among other things the Museum sees its mission in providing a historical review of the PR field, its pioneers, its processes and its impact on the society, promotion and support of ongoing historical research in the PR field. The main aim of the WCFA & PR Museum Event is to start writing global history of the PR-industry together with the help of representatives from different countries and to make a special booklet dedicated to the history of PR.

Yanina Dubeykovskaya, Founder and Content Director of the World Communication Forum and President of the WCFA association: “We understand the importance of the idea of the global communication industry. But this global industry needs its global history, which should be written with the deep understanding of the diversity of the world. Although the global communication industry started in the USA, nowadays there is a huge diversification of the communication development models worldwide. Those diverse models will be represented at our Event. The Event is aimed to organize the global community with the USA as the leader and founder of the industry and at the same time with the possibility of the unique local expertise from around the world. Therefore we plan to bring the WCFA global communication community to the USA”.

The preliminary program of the WCFA USA Trip includes:

  • Visiting the biggest world companies in the field of communication;
  • Sharing international experience during every planned visit;
  • Seeing 4 cities in 9 days;
  • Doing more than 15 business visits;
  • WCFA & PR Museum Event with live-stream to the WCFDavos channels.

You can find the whole Event program here: WCFA USA Trip Programme

Find out the latest news about the event at the:

More information about the WCFA

More information about the PR Museum

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