TV Weatherman Appears To Fart On Air And Twitter Users Think It's A Gas

Louisville meteorologist Marc Weinberg is going viral for a video in which he appears to "let one out" during a live broadcast.

A TV weatherman in Louisvile, Kentucky, is going viral for the type of wind not usually featured in his reports.

Last week, WDRB meteorologist Marc Weinberg was reporting on a cold front in the Midwest when he paused and seemed to fart during the broadcast, complete with a slight spring in his step.

A viewer at home sniffed out Weinberg’s alleged emission and unleashed it on the world, though the viewer misidentified him in a caption on the clip as fellow WDRB weatherman Jude Redfield, noted.

The video went viral after it was shared by another member of the Louisville media, sports radio host Matt Jones.

Not surprisingly, Twitter users found it a gas.

And, of course, social media was flooded with weather-related fart puns.

HuffPost reached out to Weinberg, who did not immediately respond.

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