We Are A Democrazy And It's All Your Fault.

Why is it we just sit around and allow Congress to do whatever the hell it wants despite the demands of the American people?

We are not a Democracy. We are not even a Republic---although that is exactly how we operate.

We are a Democrazy.

We sit back and watch our blatantly racist Congress stop our President from helping the American public for eight years, at every single turn, by becoming serial obstructionists. By allowing them to shut down the government at will. And how do we reward them?

We let the likes of Ted Cruz run for President.

And here is why I love New York. During his visit as a candidate to New York he lasted TWO days. Wherever that blow bag went he was treated like the evil prick that he is and he had to flee the state, screaming like a girl with her hair on fire.

And how does America react?

We tend to turn whatever we watch on TV into some kind of entertainment rather than inspiration.

We are no better than the bloodsport-loving crowds of the Coliseum of Ancient Rome.

We love our modern day reality shows starting with the mother of them all, the O.J. Trial, because we get to feel smug and superior to all these mentally-ill people who are acting Gary Busey/Kim Kardashian/Housewives poorly in public.

You see we know better because we think we are better.

And we just love to give awards to actors who play mentally challenged people too.

But in real life we pass those kind of people every single day on the street and pretend that they do not exist.

Trump, aka, Orange Julius Caesar, will always be nothing more than a reality star who is no different than sense of entitlement rich boy Robert Durst.

Their similarities? Both got away with their form of murder over and over and over again.

Both have taken their hubris to the airwaves.

Both are severely delusional men who think they are beyond exceptional to everyone else and beyond the law, simply because they have made oodles of money thanks to their real estate daddies.

Durst wound up convicting himself right on TV which was the closest thing to a public execution that we've experienced in years. Fabulous. The definition of hubris.

It's just a matter of time before Orange Julius Caesar shoots himself in his own Manolo Blahniks,

We can already see how his being the Cheerleader for American Racism has given the lowest bottom feeders of the country the sense that they can say and do whatever they want.

The "all our problems are because of THEM" mentality is already taking it's toll.

It hasn't created the kind of thing that happened in Dallas or Louisiana--it's just been the oil thrown onto the fire and now it's out of control.

And what do we do?

Absolutely nothing.

We pray for two seconds, let our hearts go out to the victims and their families and then we return to our violent video games, our porn sites and our Pavlovian need to endlessly hit the "buy now" button" like Rainman, while Rome burns to the ground.

Congress last week, in between stopping any kind of responsible gun control and trying to get rid of Medicare, Obamacare while probably gathering in their anti-LGBT covens, continued their witch trial activities by once again treating our presumptive next president like dog shit.


Beyond the fact that mother of all dragons scares the living balls out of them, literally, the only thing they have left is to try and save their already self-destructed joke of a a party by trying to make Madame President look as bad as their inexperienced business failure, racist, misogynist third level reality star.

It's what boys do in the locker room when they are talking about the school skank. (When in truth they are all homophobic virgins).

They cannot go out and endorse their candidate. They won't even do that at their upcoming convention--which for all intents and purposes is going to take on the look and feel of San Diego's Comic Con. Instead of the Koch Brothers you are going to get The Ringling Brothers.

Can you not wait for the stirring speeches from his wife Melanoma, daughter Ivanka The Jeweler? The only chair at the convention will no doubt be the ones which will be throw by Bobby Knight who will be this year's Clint Eastwood.

Okay, let's get down to constructive business.

I come from a generation who took to the streets and helped topple an evil empire. We wiped Nixon and an insane war off the face of the American political earth and we have the power to do it again.

But here is the sad, sad, tragic truth:

We have all become the equivalent of all those behind the living room drapes, Kew Gardens eyewitnesses to the Kitty Genovese murder (though that story was just that: a story created by the local New York Papers).

We are nothing ore than a silent gang of shadow hidden voyeurs who care more about our own masturbatory self stimulation than we do what is happening out there in the second coming revival of both the Old West and the Pre-Civil War good ol' boy south.

It's worse than ever.

The Halloween costumed trick or treaters of pure prejudice and hate don't even need masks anymore.

The Klan is going to save a fortune on sheets.

We don't have to conceal weapons in some states either.

Welcome back ten gallon hats, holsters and High Noon lunches.

As a writer I can't help my own habit of writing in entertaining ways and it may even work against me here, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to try to get you all to WAKE. THE. FUCK. UP.

You are not impotent. You are not helpless.

More Americans died in Dallas this week than at the embassy in Benghazi and I blame guys like Sheriff Trey Gowdy because your Congress allows anyone in this country to get all the weapons they want in their war against YOU. It's A-OK for guys like Gowdy for potential terrorists and psychopaths to be armed with the same weapons that are being used by our military. They say our military is weak. Well that may be because all the many millions of automatic weapons are sitting in living rooms instead of the front lines.

And who gets blamed?

President Obama to the illiterate dumbasses who have no idea what this man has accomplished on our behalf despite the blatant, overt/covert racist campaign that has been waged against him

Higher education and Science? That's a joke to the likes of Sarah Palin. The trouble is people listen to fucking morons like her and take what they are saying as the "gospel" truth because they are "Christians."

To me personally those kind of Christians are no different than the fanatics of Islam.

Turning your own supposed faith into a machine that is driven by racism and hate while duping the faithful who really do not no better, into believing that you are one of them should be a punishable crime. THAT is fraud. THAT is it's own for of terrorism.

Fucking up your emails is just plain dumb and Hillary should have known better. Say that and move on. She was busy. Distracted. Or even full of herself. But criminal? See the above.

Bill Clinton doing the Tarmac Dance with Loretta Lynch makes me wonder about Bill's mental health. Hey Bill. Stay home or go work for Unicef. And yet: I still adore him.

But all of the above are not breaches of national security.

Breaches of national security are your employees: Elected to congress, men and women who act like rogue seditionists, who are in truth are the hired gun goons of the NRA and the Koch Brothers who will do anything to make sure they get what they want...while children, men and women get shot in the face with such regularity that it has become an integral part of our everyday life routine. A six year old got killed by his own mother? Oh, yes. I'd like a Big Mac, an order of fries and a large soda. Is The Voice on tonight?

For the last time. Listen to me.

The GOP does not give a flying fuck about you.

Donald Trump does not give a flying fuck about you. Paul Ryan does not give a flying fuck about you. Trey Gowdy spends more time on hair styles than he does caring about you.

Maybe it's time for you to stop acting just like them.