Donald Trump Never Grew Up

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at the University of Iowa Field House, Tuesday,
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign event at the University of Iowa Field House, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016 in Iowa City, Iowa. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

I am Donald J. Trump, and so are you. Terrifying, to be sure -- so take a beat and let it sit in.

With that in mind, is it any wonder that Trump is doing so well in the polls? He is the every man; you and me, without a filter or maturity. Why else would "Drunk Uncle" like him so much? Trump is at various times a braggart, a blowhard and a buffoon -- three things you just don't want to ever be, but are. Trump is the essence of the id, that selfish, short-sighting, unconscious, insatiable instinct we are all born with.


The difference is simply that most of us out grow it. We learn to be patient, that we don't always get our way, that we have to be kind and thoughtful towards other people -- basically, to be "mindful" of our surroundings and ourselves. The Donald doesn't seem to have learned that.

We know it is not okay to mock someone who has a handicap. Donald does not. We know that bragging about our accomplishments is poor form and will lead to being disliked. Donald does not. We know that empathy and taking another person's feelings into consideration is an essential component of a relationship. Donald does not (story #7). We know there are consequences to our actions. Donald does not. Most people don't tell people to like them because they are popular. Donald's entire campaign is based on telling people how good his poll numbers are.

Each of us has had a parent or mentor of some kind help us mature along the way. Someone who is there to tell us "no;" someone to punish us when we do something wrong and explain why we should not do it again. Donald's campaign team certainly has not been saying "no" to him. Nor has he seen the ramifications of the things he says and does, as those ever-increasing poll numbers show. Donald knows only that he who shouts loudest wins and holds the most toys wins.

In short, Donald J. Trump is flat-out unworthy of sitting behind the Resolute Desk. He lacks the maturity, the depth of thinking, and the empathy necessary to be the leader of the free world.

Truthfully, all that one needs to know about Donald Trump can be gleaned from his statement and follow-up about refusing to participate in the FOX News debate. The statement itself should be read in full (typos and all), but he said during a press conference: "Let them have their debate and we'll see how they do with their ratings".

Debates aren't about ratings. Debates are about informing voters to help them make the decision of whom to vote for. The fact that Trump thinks this is about ratings and that he alone can ensure them demonstrates how utterly self-centered and shortsighted he is. Debates aren't about ratings in the same way that governance--and America--isn't about self-promotion. Donald Trump understands none of the above.

A president must be able to understand the consequences of their actions because most decisions in the Oval Office are not about deciding if something is "best" or "amazing", most decisions involve choosing between the lesser of two evils. Do you think Donald Trump has ever had to decide something like that? Do you think he'll choose to negotiate with rivals around the world, or will his bombastic, no-forest-for-the-trees worldview lead to an itchy trigger finger?

A president needs to be a leader. S/He should represent all that is best about America and the American dream, not nothing more than a personal brand. A president must be able to comfort a nation in the worst of times and temper the euphoria in the best of times. Can you see Donald Trump being able to empathize with you?

Donald Trump is a Peter Pan man-child who never learned to grow up. We can and should all hope and pray that the caucus goers and primary voters in the "early" states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina come to their senses and end this trip to Never-Never Land.