Disney Princesses With Realistic Hair And Makeup Are Super Relatable

Turns out, no one is safe from the horrors of runny mascara.

Realistic waistlines, realistic faces: there are very few ways Disney princesses haven't been reimagined at this point.

None of these comforting images, however, hit as close to home as seeing what the princesses would look like if their hair and makeup were a little less perfect.

Buzzfeed shared these glorious makeunders back in April, and now a corresponding video gives us an even better look at what these dangerously flawless icons would really look like if they had actually just emerged from the ocean or flown through the air on a magic carpet.

One exception to the rule is Tiana, who the video explains would, in fact, look just as lovely on her wedding day in real life as she did in the movie.

The struggle is real, ladies. Check out the video above.

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