'We Are LeBron': Obama Wants LeBron James In Chicago, Ohio Lawmakers Star In Video (VIDEO)

If Barack Obama had his way, back-to-back NBA MVP LeBron James, whose season ended Thursday, would be a Chicago Bull next year, the President's Senior Political Adviser David Axelrod told ESPN Friday.

"He doesn't want to tamper," Axelrod told ESPN. "But as a Chicago fan, the president thinks LeBron would look great in a Bulls uniform."

But Ohioans weren't to be outdone by the President.

In a sappy new video titled "We Are LeBron," a variety of local celebrities, as well as Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown (D), who is up for reelection in 2012, and Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D), who is currently engaged in a reelection battle, sing a soulful ditty to convince LeBron James to stay a Cleveland Cavalier.

Earlier on Friday, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg put in his own pitch for James, saying he "would love living in New York."

Watch the video: