We Are Making America Great Again

As I have watched the current ongoings of politics in America, the platform of bias, racism, sexism and hatred that got our current president elected and the unqualified, dangerous appointees to other important political positions (Betsy Devoe anyone?) I have been anxious and fearful for the future. As a woman, a mother and the mother of a young female, I have been terrified and saddened at what the future may hold for her in years that will be so formative for her future.

Today, as she lay sleeping in the safe nook of my arm, I have found a new hope and believe these unfortunate circumstances present an amazing opportunity for my daughter. You see, as she lays here dreaming of princesses and Storm Troopers, I'm catching up on my social media. And I'm bombarded with posts from news outlets, blogs and friends and family covering and attending the Women's Marches. These strong, determined women who are standing up for their rights and the rights of every other human being. These women carrying signs with messages about protecting reproductive rights, access to healthcare, race equality, gender equality, marriage equality. Well educated and poised women giving inspiring speeches. These women who will not just sit back and "wait and see" if human rights are stripped away.

I see a time where my daughter may grow up fighting for a fair and decent education; a time where she may witness friends, neighbors and classmates lose their own rights or become victims of hate crimes. But I also see a time where my daughter will bare witness to true Americans. We are a nation born from a protest. And we continue to stand up to unfair treatment and dictatorship. My daughter will have the opportunity to be a witness to good overcoming evil and the power of standing up for her convictions. She will have the opportunity to be a part of something amazing. And I will be standing right beside her. We have all been listening to chants of "Make America Great Again" and I believe that is true. As protestors throughout our nations history have done (Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Lucretia Mott, Susan B Anthony) we will fight against injustice and for the protection of and extension of freedoms. I am so proud to be able to teach my daughter about this moment in history. This is what makes America great.