We Are Marching


We march because
we were taught
to stand up straight. Because
in the face of injustice, inequality
unkindness -- silence
is just another word for fear.

We march because our bodies
are a sanctuary, not a playground
and are never
up for grabs. And because no
has always meant no.

We march because
our bodies are our property -- our
property. Because it's time
to give ladylike
a new definition. 

We march because our children
are watching and because, like she
said -- When they go low, we go high.

Feet, hands, hearts, voices
fifty states, seven continents
millions marching, chanting, rising
roaring --

No, we will no longer be quiet.

Yes, we did.
Yes, we can.
Yes, we are stronger

We march because he
had a dream, and so did she
and ours is the same -- because the back
of the bus was never
where we belonged.

We march with daughters
sisters, brothers
straights, gays, whites, blacks --
and every shining shade
in between -- because all lives
all of life

We march for those
who can't. Rivers, oceans, forests
White Rhinoceros
Mexican Wolf
California Condor -- for our Mother
who gives us everything.

We march because
it is time
to start giving back.

Fierce, focused, fearless, feverishly on fire

We march and will
keep marching because
we believe in love
in liberty
in justice for

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