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We are #MoreThan1in8

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I've been attacked for my infertility journey.

I've been misunderstood.

I've been judged.

I've been pitied.

I've been ignored.

I've also been loved, listened to and supported through it and still thereafter.

National Infertility Awareness Week is April 24th-30th and I want to make sure we all feel seen and heard this year.

No matter where you are in the infertility journey. No matter what your ending was from it. No matter how your family has been defined. Kids. No kids. Adoption. Surrogacy. Donor. Successful treatments. Unsuccessful treatments. Any level of treatments. Any diagnosis. Any length of time. Longing grandparents or aunts and uncles. Parents of loss. Longing parents.

Whatever your story is, was and may be through the infertility journey; our voices are stronger together, we are fellow warriors.

What people say or think about infertility, or their lack of understanding or acknowledgement, does not define us or our happiness.

We define it.

Our journey to wholeness is our ever upward.

There are still millions of people hiding their infertility battle in shamed silence. Change starts with us. Let's show the world what more than 1 in 8 really looks like.

Together we can open the doors to a much needed, and much bigger and healthier conversation that brings us healing, growth, love and happiness - in forms that are uniquely you.

Let's see your ever upward, even if it's still in progress, and stand together.

For ourselves. For our families. And for those who are fighting alone.

Over the next few weeks I would love to hear from you, and especially see you!

Let's make the world hear our shattered silence and see our faces; the voices and the faces of the battle of infertility and it's survivors.

Send me a picture of you (and your spouse or family) via email or by posting on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Make sure to tag me and/or Ever Upward and use #MoreThan1in8. I'd love to hear how you are surviving and thriving through and after infertility. What makes you more than 1 in 8?

Throughout the week of April 24-30th I will have a surprise that tells all of our stories using our pictures.

Twitter: @JustineFroelker

This campaign originally launched at the author's blog Ever Upward.

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