This 'Addams Family' Netflix Trailer Is Mysterious And Spooky (And Fake)

Some Netflix enthusiasts went all in to imagine a new series.

Tragically, we aren’t getting a Netflix remake of “The Addams Family” anytime soon. But a fan-made trailer posted to Facebook late last week is here to show us what we’re missing.

Cleverly combining clips from existing shows including “Penny Dreadful,” “Crimson Peak” and the 1991 “Addams Family” movie, the minds behind an unofficial news page for the streaming service crafted an all-together-ooky idea of what the revamped Addams household might look like.

An eerie dollhouse, a pale and dark-haired girl’s mischievous smile, an anonymous figure chopping buds off a bunch of roses ― they certainly nailed the tone of the original 1964 series. And, judging by the comments below, the trailer fooled a fair number of TV fans, if only for a single, blissful minute. (”This pulled straight at my heart,” wrote one.)

Commenters began throwing out spot-on casting suggestions ― Eva Green as Morticia, Oscar Isaac as Gomez ― that any future remake would now require.

We regret to report that the original episodes aren’t available to stream on Netflix, nor is the 1991 film. In their absence, we will have to settle for “titles related to” the kooky series. Or head over to Hulu