We Are Stronger

America is heartbroken. Sunday, in the middle of a celebration of life and love during Gay Pride Month 2016, a horrific act of terror and hate struck the LGBT community when a gunman opened fire at Pulse, a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. I am grief-stricken for the victims of this tragedy and their loved ones.

We know that at least 50 people were murdered in cold blood and even more were injured in this senseless attack, which is now the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Although law enforcement is still trying to determine a motive, it is evident that this was the act of a terrorist targeting the heart of America's LGBTQ community through malice and violence.

Today our hearts may be consumed by outrage, fear, or even hatred. But we are strong. We know that instead of allowing collective rage to take seed, the voices of our love must carry the day. Our spirit -- our resolve -- is the weapon we wield against our enemies. In time, LGBTQ Americans and our allies must respond to this act terror not with venom, but with our love for one another. Loudly and publicly, we will show our oppressors that we are resolute. We are family. We are stronger.

Today, over 100 of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters and their families began their darkest day. Please join me in helping them. These 100 souls and their families were attacked not because of their beliefs, but simply because of who they love. They now need our care, either through emotional support, medical assistance, or helping with other expenses related to this tragedy.

Many in the LGBTQ community have asked: "How can I help?" I would like to provide an option for those who wish to comfort to the Orlando shooting victims and their families. Executive Pride is proud to support Equality Florida's efforts in this time of need.

Please visit OrlandoVictimRelief.org for more information. Consider giving what you can, and show our enemies around the world that America's LGBTQ family and our allies are stronger than hate.

Donations will be processed through GoFundMe, and will be distributed to victims and local community groups by Equality Florida, the largest LGBTQ civil rights group in the State of Florida. Executive Pride members have already donated over $30,000. Please consider joining us. Thank you in advance for your love and support.

Please visit OrlandoVictimRelief.org

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive." -- Dalai Lama