We Are the Power Base

The current economic boiling-over had already been simmering on too high of a flame since the 1950s after World War II. That was the beginning of an era when the approach was, "What is good for General Motors is good for America."

Since that time, the people's inherent powers have evaporated with more and more power going to the top 10% in our economic structure. In Europe they refer to this top 10% as the ruling class. Here, we have sanitized it by calling them the upper class. There they call the middle income sector the working class. Here we have sanitized yet again to be called the middle class.

Really, we are under rulership, and there is a long history of self-deceit in our country about who has control and what money can buy. It's time to stop the deception.

The overall problem is that we, the people, have been far too trusting in delegating our society's equities to those at the top rung. Instead, what is needed now is a return of power to the people. Populist movements have always had their appeals. Now, more than ever a populist movement is needed to recover from and reconstruct a new economic model for our own nation, and one from which others around the world can emulate.

For example, small businesses account for 50 percent of the jobs created in this nation. The working class overall accounts for nearly 65 percent of consumer spending in the United States. There are more numbers as well which give clear evidence that the working class is the backbone of our economy, lifestyle, and democracy. Despite this, more power keeps being vested in this 10 percent ruling class to make decisions on behalf of the remaining 90 percent of us in the population.

Truly there are victims in today's economy. With respect to all of us caught up in this difficult time, we have to recognize that we are both to a certain extent victims of a system gone awry, and complicit in giving away power that we should have kept for ourselves.

If the last several years of American corporate debauchery has not caused you to sit up and take notice that the top percentile skim their multi-million dollar compensations while mom and pop lose their life savings, then perhaps this will:

It is going to be several more years before our economy is back to a place where healthy levels of gainful employment are in place; where people can afford all three basics of housing, food, and medicine without having to choose between them as millions must do today; and savings accounts are restored to reasonable safety-net amounts.

So while we're still trying to regain our footing let's resolve not to hand the reigns back to the people who got us in this situation but instead steer ourselves toward a more populist society. We the people own the control if we assert our lawful and moral authority. Otherwise, we have to ask ourselves how many more times do we need to be snookered by the ruling class to speak for us, until we learn. By their own admission, they don't know what they're doing.

There have been many calls for populist movements at various times in history. Now, at this historic moment when nobody is in charge of the economy and gusts blow in without our sails in place, is when we the people can make our move. Please understand that the only power grabbing is the ruling class taking from the rest of us. The working class owns the power. It already is ours. We 90 percent are the power base. Our choice is not who to delegate our power to as we have wrongly assumed to do so since the 1950's, but rather how do we want to apply our power.

A representative government has its values. But, we are witnessing a period of correction from us having over-delegated. We deemed to delegate power. So lets deem now to keep more of it for ourselves.

The first step toward achieving this power alignment is by us refocusing our economy. In a practical sense, start your own small business, support other small businesses, be skeptical of the the stock market -- the interests of the power brokers are protected and advanced while the individual investor is an afterthought.

Corporate America is largely an un-American microcosm operating within the good graces of our people-centered democracy. The fallacy about most of corporate America has been sufficiently exposed to conclude that we've been badly burned. Borrowing terms from the corporate culture, you and the rest of us amongst the 90% have outperformed the top 10 percent in generating and maintaining a long-term stable economy. So let's bonus up the working class to retain them. Let's educate ourselves so we are the economic experts to be followed.

Corporations answer to us. Vote with your dollars to remind them whose in charge. Governments answer to us. Vote with your ballot to remind them whose in charge.

We the people answer to ourselves. Vote for us to remind yourself we're in charge.