We Are The Queer & Feminist Visionaries

We Are The Queer & Feminist Visionaries
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We are more powerful when we gather.
Our talents activate in community.
We come alive when we are seen.
We are affirmed by the witnessing of loving community.
By the healing hands and words of our loves.

We grow one another.

We make each other possible.

Take a moment now to remember the community spaces that have held you.

Take a breath in and think of the artists, thinkers & visionaries who helped make you possible.

Breathe. Close your eyes. Honor them. Say thank you in the time it takes to inhale & exhale.

For me, they are often writers because I am a writer and because writing is how I come to know myself. They're often women of color and they're often queer.

They articulate something that helps me feel whole, that helps me know myself.

Who are those people for you?

Now let me tell you a secret:

You are as genius as anyone who has ever lived.
-Amy Walsh

You are as genius as the visionaries that gave you life.

You are as talented, as gifted, as brilliant.
You have the greatest contributions to make in the world.
Your longings are your compass.
Tend to them.
Your gifts want to be nourished.
Your whole self is what the world wants.

So what's stopping you?
What's there? What's the fear?
What's the hesitation?

Breathe into it.
Know the fears and the hesitations are part of the journey, are part of you.
And they are more communal than you might imagine.

Whatever stops you isn't just yours -- it's ours.
Whatever hardships you have aren't individual, they're collective.

Whatever healing you do, is our healing too.

Whatever visions you can imagine, just around the bend, we need them and they are possible.

So as we close out the year, all we gotta do is pay attention. Notice who you meet. Notice what opportunities come your way. Notice what wants to shed, what no longer brings you joy, and kiss that goodbye. Pay attention to what excites you and go there.

Go right there.

We're waiting for you.

In Love & Liberation,


Sofia Rose Smith is a queer femme of color intuitive healer, writer and coach. She hosts ceremonies and programs for queer folks, feminists, and people of color to heal both individually and collectively. To learn more, visit her website.

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