We Are Woman


We often come from a place of feeling battered and broken before were able to rise and truly conquer our true purpose. It's experiencing all that is from a place of losing all that was and rebuilding a stronger refined version of ourselves in the process.
This poem serves the purpose in honoring all women.

"I recognize her, it's as if we have met before

This woman broken, hidden, crouching on the floor

Always afraid to be seen, afraid to shine....

She embraces her body so gracefully...now is the time

She takes the first step, sheds the layers and clears a path

Vibrant health is her birthright, she saves herself from the wrath

She discerns her brilliance, her radiance with lust ready to ignite

She dares to touch the mountains and reach for the stars in the sky

She is meant for greatness, she boldly perceives her worth

An abundant life; her right since the time of her birth

No furry like a woman's when waking up from the dark

So long she was withered, with her heart torn apart

Then comes the day, something from deep within like a fire is lit

She now presses forward, celebrating each victory; A win is a win

The first step, or the first inch we move forward, we begin

To finally release, embrace and love the woman within

We Are Woman, granted this noble gift by the Most High

To live, to die a woman with grace, honor and pride"

By Violet & Lola