We Asked For Photos Of Moments That Made Moms Proud. Here’s What We Got.

Sometimes it's the little moments.

Parenting is a busy and often thankless gig, but once in a while you pause and notice how proud you are -- of your kids, of your work as a parent, of your family. In honor of Mother's Day, we asked HuffPost moms to share a photo that made them realize how proud they are to be a mom. Check out the beautiful moments below, and add yours to the comments.

Stephanie Ortiz
This was from the first day of pre-K for my daughter; 5 of our 6 kids and I all walked together. I offered to hold her hand, but she wanted to hold her brother's hand -- whom she adores -- and he did. All the way to school. I couldn't have been more proud of his love and concern for his little sis, even at age 10.
Sarah Drury
This photo from the day my son, who has autism, achieved his orange belt in Taekwondo -- although he makes me proud EVERY day the way he overcomes his hurdles.
Heather Sanchez
While I was pregnant, I was so afraid I would not be able to comfort my baby. He is now 2 months old. I am his world and he is mine. It makes me proud to be his mama when I can comfort him. In a world where we want so much from our children, these moments mean so much.
Kim Koelzer Krutsch
Donald always knows when I need a hug and he gives the best hugs ever. He is a caring and kind person and I could not be any prouder. Love him.
Amanda Webster
Real life. When nursing my (then) 6-month-old and engaging with my (then) 2.5-year-old. This is around the time it started getting easier, and I started realizing I can, in fact, do "it."
Ali Danielle
So proud watching my daughter with low muscle tone (hypotonia) and a gross motor delay pedal a bike for the first time.
Cindy M. Bourke Davis
My two boys in the morning. It makes my heart warm seeing the love between them, even though they are 12 years apart.
Michelle Weston
This was taken in the hospital one day after I gave birth to my youngest. It was the first day all three of my "babies" were together. This particular moment is still so powerful to me that it moves me to tears. This picture definitely makes me feel proud to be a mom.
Katherine Hedland Hansen
My husband encouraging our son at a baseball game.
Tonya Bach
His first time cooking with Mommy, and he was so excited to get to help!
Megan De Vos
Seeing my kids happy.
Lauren Ashley Breslaw Nichols
This was my daughter's first trip to the pumpkin patch where she could actually walk around. It was the first time I saw wonder in her eyes, the first time I realized she wasn't as much of a baby anymore. It makes me so proud to be a mom. To be able to be a mom is such a blessing.
Lauren Enfield
Kalina Vikilani
I delayed my graduation from my master's degree so I could take my daughter. When I put my hat on her it made me proud. Proud to have her, proud she was there, and proud that I can see her grow up and achieve her own goals. Emotional day.
Shantell Risby
These are our three hooligans. I know, it's just a typical sibling picture, but this is my proudest moment. I finally was able to convince my teen to take a picture with his sister and brother. Which is no easy feat, let me tell you -- and doesn't he look just ecstatic to be there.
Stacey Skrysak
A beautiful picture of our family of five. My daughter, Peyton, is our lone surviving triplet and the youngest baby to survive at our hospital (she's a 22-weeker). Her sister passed two hours after birth, her brother just shy of 2 months old. Our photographer captured all three of our children, thanks to silhouettes. It's the first time I visually could see all of my children together ... it even looks like our daughter is looking at her siblings. This picture makes me so proud to be a mother of children both on earth and in heaven. While it hasn't been an easy road for my family over the past 2+ years, my triplets have made me a better person and have taught me to enjoy every waking moment, because you never know what tomorrow may bring.
Lindsay Herman
From pregnancy to labor and into motherhood, it's a challenge to be the best mom I can be. But one sweet, slobbery kiss reminds me that being a mother is the proudest thing I've done!
Laura Richardson
This is my 13-year-old son Mathew. He is an accomplished cello player. He's not accomplished just because he's talented, though -- he's accomplished because he works hard, and that work ethic makes me very proud. He learned "Cello Suite #1" because it's one of my favorite pieces of music.
Kala Lucila McRae
My girls, the week we moved into our new home in Italy. We are a military family and this was our first move overseas. My girls, ages 4 and 2, were and are troopers and are so resilient. Seeing them roll with it and embrace their new lifestyle made me feel so proud of them.
Carolina Muñoz
My daughter, a week after having open heart surgery. She had just been discharged from Dallas Children's Medical Center! She was back in school 24 days later and has maintained A's in all her classes! She is the strongest person I know and refuses to let anything keep her back from what she has set her mind to do. I am so proud to be her mommy!
Melissa Curiel
This photo just makes me so happy to be a mom to this amazing little boy! Our journey was rough from the start of my pregnancy and continued that way, but after his time in the NICU I can gladly say he is home where he belongs.
Erin Valetta Medina
I caught my girls being sweet to each other. Nothing could have made me prouder than to see them loving.
Tonja Oxendine Reimers
The day my husband saluted our son, because my husband said he would never salute him (lol). And then that night, that same son graduated college. He's the first grandkid on either side to graduate college.
Samantha Ann Spear
She was terrified of the balance beam, but I finally convinced her to overcome her fear and go for it.
Jacqueline Amuso Dolby
When, during her tonsillectomy, the nurses said she was the bravest little thing they'd seen in a long time...
Miranda Wishart
I'm proud when I catch moments like these, when she closes her eyes, lifts her head and just enjoys the moment she is living!
Christina Anderson
My kids love to read and they love each other. I couldn't be more proud of them.
Jean Mason
When my 16-year-old gave up a hanging out with friends to sit in the hospital game room playing kiddie games with his sick little brother. It was then that I realized how much love my kids are capable of.
Kim Koelzer Krutsch
After many years of trying to become a mom, I arrived home with my adopted baby boy on July 11, 2000. My dream came true.
Jordan N Erin Oxford
It makes me so proud to be their momma when I see how much they love each other.
Paloma Rivero
When they are proud of each other!!
Melody Christensen
They love taking care of each other!
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