We Ate A 7/11 Feast To Teach You About Unhealthy Eating Habits

Yesterday was 7/11 Day across North America. A day where we as a society celebrate the inner darkness that is convenience culture. And because this month we’re celebrating food in it’s many forms at Outspeak, we thought it apt to look at the place on every corner where you can grab a hotdog and a pack of cigarettes for under ten bucks.

Eating for convenience can be a foul tasting medicine. Admittedly, it’s cheaper (not by much) and easier than eating healthy. When you’re running late there doesn’t seem to many better options than popping into the corner store and grabbing a hot dog. But, let’s consider the implications of that decision.

According to TIME, 92% of all restaurant meals have far too many calories. That shouldn’t really come as a shock. Proper calorie counting is a difficult thing to fully understand and the implications of a bad diet are usually hidden by a variety of other factors. With a whole host of fast and easy options, convenience food can often seem like a rather benign solution to filling a meal. If experienced sparingly you’re probably okay but eating convenience foods in excess can lead to obesity and energy imbalance.

When you push past the point of no return by binge eating fast food. You can see the damage done in real time. The video above shows our feeble attempt (I’m the loud dude on the right) to crush a 7/11 feast in an effort to raise awareness around the food we’re putting into our bodies.

Eating convenience food in excess is hilarious but also pretty informative. During the process of our feast we charted the heavy calorie counts on 7/11’s convenience food and track the massive amount of waste leftover from excess packaging. The video may not be an easy watch but it might make you rethink that next Taquito.