We Award President Trump And His Cabinet Some "Alternative" Oscars

The newly appointed President seems obsessed with cartoonish depictions of gold and wealth. In fact, we all know President Trump dreams of gold, just take one look at this lavish apartment. He’s purported to be a man of great taste, perhaps even the greatest taste. No one has better taste than him. Except, that’s not exactly true. Somehow President Trump has amassed a cabinet of absolutely underqualified and deplorable people in a sad attempt to “drain the swamp.”

Now, we know the press isn’t allowed to sit with Sean Spicer, but we couldn’t resist sharing some Oscar fever with the new White House administration. As you’ll see in the video above, we’ve taken some time to create and award some Alternative Oscars just in time for this Sunday’s 89th Academy Awards.

Congratulations to all the winners, especially Mike Pence who looked absolutely shocked to hear that he had won the Alternative Oscar for Best Actor.