We Came, We Saw, We Politely Reminded America to Take it Down a Notch

It was a huge throng, stretching from 3rd Street on the National Mall down to the Washington Monument. Initial estimates put the number somewhere north of 200,000, and if the difficulty of getting back on the Metro was any indication, it was certainly the largest crowd in the Nation's Capital since Barack Obama was sworn in as our 44th president.

It was a glorious gathering of moderation, answering Jon Stewart's call for the return to sanity in our national political discourse. People from all over the country (and other countries as well -- I met a girl from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on the train into town) came together in support of reducing the heat and hatred that embodies our current atmosphere. It was the largest, nicest group of people I've ever been around (more on that later). Below is a sampling of thoughts from the teeming masses of reasonable people.

Charlie from Rhode Island:

Rich from Hanover, PA:

Cindy and Janice from Columbus, OH:

Deb and Jen from New York City:

Eric from Sunset Beach, NC:

It was such an enjoyable experience. Everyone was so completely nice, generous and pleasant. I ran into someone who rode one of the Huffington Post buses down from New York to the Rally. Emmy Frank, a young lady just starting a career in the legit theater business in the Big Apple, was extremely grateful for Arianna's generosity. The gathering was a shining example of what America should be: a country full of civility and concern for all of its inhabitants. We the People, showed off how well We can all get along.

I only saw one incident that required any kind of police involvement. The guy in the video below, the one with his face painted red, jumped a barrier to get closer to the front. Police gave chase and quickly apprehended him. I caught up to them as Diablo-face was being escorted away, and captured the moment where he meekly apologized to the cop he forced to run after him.

I especially enjoyed meeting Eric, the Vietnam vet. Turns out, he is a huge fan of Arianna and asked if he could send her a message.

An easy request to fulfill for a reasonable man.