We Can Eradicate TAD in Our Lifetimes!

My name is Jeff and I have TAD.

I had my worst TAD flare up to date on Monday night, September 28. While watching the debate, with a roomful of friends, I couldn't help but notice the pained look on nearly every face, They saw in me what I saw in them: TAD. We all had it. The stomach wrenching. The heat was building. Anxiety was taking over.

TAD: Trump Anxiety Disorder.

They were all suffering. People from different races, religions, economic backgrounds and yes, from both major political parties. All suffering with TAD, all suffering in silence.

TAD was recently discovered in early 2016, but it has already spread through the U.S. and is becoming a global epidemic.

What are the causes of TAD?

The main cause is the fear that Trump could actually become the President of the United States of America. However, the causes of TAD have a much deeper history. TAD can activate by thinking about how embarrassing Trump is, not to be confused with BAD (Brexit Anxiety Disorder). Bafflement as to how those in economic distress think a used car salesman will magically solve their problems.

NIH research is limited so most causes are still speculative in nature. Was it reality TV? Is this also the Kardashian's fault? Is it the echo-chamber of social media that balkanized our society? Is it gerrymandering leading to the only way a representative can lose his seat is by losing his primary?

My name is Jeff and I want you to know you do not have to suffer in silence. There are support groups everywhere. In your local churches and meeting halls. All cable news outlets have 24 hour groups, However it has been shown that watching Fox News actually increases TAD symptoms.

What cures TAD?

The first treatment requires that you register to vote. Secondly, you need to volunteer and make calls to undecided voters. The severity of your case will dictate how many calls you must make. For those with the most severe cases you will need to travel to battleground states and knock on doors and register voters. The final step of treatment is to vote November 8. You have to vote.

Together we can forever eradicate TAD in our lifetime.