We Can Expect A 'Pansexual Deadpool' In Upcoming Film, Says Director

"Pansexual! I want that quoted. Pansexual Deadpool."

The director of the much-anticipated "Deadpool," which stars Ryan Reynolds, commented in an interview with Collider that the movie's main character is pansexual.

When asked about a "tantalizing" promotional photo which Reynolds tweeted recently and whether it indicated if the main character Deadpool would be "hypersexualized," Tim Miller, the director, responded with: "Pansexual! I want that quoted. Pansexual Deadpool."

We aren't totally sure if Miller is being serious or not about Deadpool's sexuality but all signs point to yes, as the series co-creator, Fabian Nicieza, has previously stated on Twitter that the character's sexuality isn't simply explained.

"He is NO sex and ALL sexes. He is yours and everyone else’s. So not dismissive, but rather the epitome of inclusive," Nicieza wrote. "[Deadpool's] brain cells are in CONSTANT FLUX. He can be gay one minute, hetero the next, etc. ALL ARE VALID."

So there you have it, everyone's favorite comic book, anti-hero and caustic motormouth is here and queer and Nicieza's description of the character could certainly fit within the definition of "pansexual."

Pansexuals, according to Stop Homophobia, are those "who feel they are sexually/emotionally/spiritually capable of falling in love with all genders.” Pansexual celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Texas legislator Mary Gonzalez have recently been using their platforms to push for LGBTQ+ rights and have helped to mainstream the pansexual identity.

Whether or not Deadpool will be pansexual in the upcoming film remains to be seen, but it wouldn't be unthinkable. There are more and more comic book heroes coming out of the closet with queer sexual identities. On Wednesday, one of Marvel's original five "X-Men," Ice Man, came out as gay. So the masked hero would definitely be in ground-breaking and legendary company.

We have reached out to Miller to confirm his characterization of Deadpool but we have yet to hear back. We will update this article when we have more information.

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