We Could Watch This Sexy Ceramicist Play With Clay All Day, Every Day

The Internet is falling in love with Eric Nathan Landon's sensual craft.

"Pottery is just sexy" are the words ceramicist Eric Nathan Landon formed with his perfect lips, most likely while donning a tight black T-shirt and leaning powerfully over a moist mound of clay, in a conversation with Buzzfeed News. Truer words may have never been spoken. 

Landon, an American ceramicist currently living in Copenhagen, is the owner of the pottery line Tortus Copenhagen. According to Crafts Collection, he uses his art "as a means of examining and uncovering possible imbalances between the modern human reality and basic human nature." But most importantly, he advertises his work on Instagram via short videos of himself sensually working a heap of clay into a the shape of a small bowl, simultaneously working his many fans into a tizzy. 

Is there anything so beautiful in this world as watching an artist bring clay up and calm it back down, over and over again? It's like a smoking hot wizard breathing life into an inanimate object -- pure sensual magic. "Pottery making is sensual," Landon continued to Buzzfeed, hopefully while ripping off his aforementioned T-shirt. "I experience this every day. It’s an intimate dance between maker and material. I just try to capture this atmosphere."

Don't let us stop you from watching him making that crockware. And don't forget, people: ASMRotica is a very real thing.



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