We Did This

With some distance from the election (and, full disclosure, from the country), things seem a bit clearer now.

I've been reading a lot of explanations of what went wrong with the election, and while there's certainly enough blame to go around, we need to come to grips with a simple fact:

It was us.

We did it. We let our guard down. We got complacent. We didn't believe it could happen. And we fucked it. All of us.

And so now we need to fix it. All of us. Together.

The struggle is different now than it was before the election. We are on the verge of the most reactionary regime in recent American history taking power. Soon, there will be white supremacists in the White House. This is a fact. And whatever our differences, we now share a common goal of keeping our people safe, building a movement strong enough to defeat Trump and his white supremacist allies, and in the process building alliances that can help us get back what we lost and start building again.

Not everyone who voted for Trump is a white supremacist. We need to come to terms with that. But we know that some of them are. They are the "alt right". They are part of the Trump administration.

And if people who voted for Trump aren't the bigots that Trump's alt-right supporters are, now they will have a chance to prove it. With every immigrant that's rounded up, every swastika drawn on a church or temple wall, every clinic that's closed down, and every instance of hate that's tolerated or encouraged or instigated, they will have the opportunity to say enough is enough. And we need to be strong enough to help them reach that conclusion, and when they do, to bring them into our movement to battle the hate and bigotry and white supremacy that is rising in our country.

Because we're going to need every ally we can get to win this fight.