We Eat 7 Pounds of Lipstick

We Eat 7 Pounds of Lipstick
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Although there's a lot of focus on Fat Cats in finance this week, I was reminded about fat in makeup when I received a forward about how much makeup a woman consumes! Think about it - our lipstick doesn't just evaporate. We eat it! This video, staring YouTube star Stevie Ryan, is pretty hilarious and is definitely a good reminder to know what's in your beauty products! On average, women consume seven pounds of fatty lipstick in their lifetimes. EW! The FDA doesn't regulate the cosmetics industry very closely, so it's up to each of us to know what's in our beauty products. And that's the point of this video, produced by RAW Natural Beauty - try to know what you're eating, whether it's in a package on the food aisle or something you get in the beauty department. Watch the video now.

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