We Found The Best Products To Spice Up Your Wardrobe This Season

We Found The Best Products To Spice Up Your Wardrobe This Season
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Co-Authored by Nandeet Mehta

With the winter season in full swing and the first fascinations of sweaters and jackets long gone, it‘s time to spice up your wardrobe with clothes inspired to jump-start your day and drag you out from underneath those warm covers into warm clothes and functional apparel.

NotSocks—NotSocks is the best alternative to socks, without the foot odor. NotSocks odor management technology prevents smells from building up by its mixture of bamboo and charcoal. Keep your feet dry and smelling a little less like feet in any pair of shoes you own.

Wren+Glory—This hand wrap from Wren+Glory isn’t any ordinary piece of jewelry, but a brass masterpiece that is adjustable to fit any hand, available in 18K gold or white gold plating. Enjoy the beauty of a handwrap combined with the edge-y look of the lightning bolt to add a bit of grunge to any look.

Mezzanote—This gorgeous red crosbody offered by Mezzanote is perfect for any girls night out or date night with a universal red hue perfect to go with the classic red lipstick look.

Stuart + Lau's Constant Briefcase is simply a beautiful carry-all bag made of durable and waterproof nylon twill. By providing compartments for pretty much any object you might have in mind, the Constant brings its A-game to the briefcase market with a bag all about the duality between functionality and aesthetics.

Mochi Things Better Together 13in Laptop Case will organize your life in style. With its many pockets and compartments, you’ll never feel in disarray when leaving your house to study or go to work. Put your life back in order with the Better Together and make all of your colleagues jealous.

Global Travel Company’s Men’s Sweatshirt Joey Travel Jacket is the only jacket you’ll want to travel with. Complete with full closed pockets to fulfill every tech and travel gear needs, it also comes with a zip-in fleece to transform from day to night. The greatest part? After your trip, throw it in the machine washer and get ready for your next jet-setting adventure.

<p>Alpine Rucksack</p>

Alpine Rucksack

Venque—Get yourself a backpack that will make you want to go to school or work, just to show it off. Venque’s backpacks and carryall solutions are the most amazing products to hold your stuff, no matter what it may be. Check out their line of products to start 2017 looking fresh as ever.

KUSSHI—KUSSHI is the greatest way to store your makeup brushes. With cases coming in vinyl and leather, simplify your morning routine and stop fumbling around for your favorite brush at the bottom of your cosmetic bag.

Aer—Aer has created the modern gym bag that will fit all of your gymming needs without needing to hold that last item that you just can squeeze in. Designed for urban living, now you don’t have to use the excuse of not wanting to bring the gym bag to work with Aer’s chic selection of duffle packs.

Linjer—Linjer’s line of fine leather goods and watches show years of beautiful craftsmanship and materials. Some items we checked out were the Women’s Soft Tote and Men’s Classic Black Watch. Both products showed exceedingly amazing scratchproof materials that will ensure durability for years on end. Upgrade your bags and accessories to Linjer. With an emphasis on quality, Linjer rivals top of the line leather goods companies that fit all of your classy needs.

Vanacci—Vanacci’s line of carbon wallets and watches show cutting edge manufacturing combined with the sleek modern look young professionals desire. The Carbon Evo line of wallets comprise of aluminum, solid copper, and sealed with carbon leather that enforces its durability for the long-term.

Y Athletics SilverAir—The perfect line of gear for athletes, this brand has created the SilverAir Travel Underwear, an odorless underwear set fit with silver fibers running through to prevent odor build-up. Designed to prevent bunching and rolling up, and with Merino fabric that will keep you comfy through the day, this underwear is one you’ll want to wear over and over.

Nisolo—Nisolo is a leather shoe and accessory company that is turning the fashion industry upside its head with its remarkable collection of clothing for men and women. With styles meant to last the ages, you won’t need to switch these out for the next season. These timeless classics, such as the Calano Noir Men’s Shoe or the Thin Hammered Women’s Band, won’t be stuck in your closet for long.

Mission Workshop—For every weather forecast, Mission Workshop is meant to endure them all. Their line of weatherproof rucksacks can fit a calvary inside with its spacious interior and gorgeous exterior. Consider them the Trojan Horse of backpacks with its brilliant ability to hide away all of your essentials in just one bag. Don’t hold onto the straps of 3 or 4 bags when you can sling this Mission Workshop pack on your back and go.

Wool and Oak—Check out Wool and Oak for an amazing line of travel gear with their most recent addition the Leather Duffle Backpack. Convert from Weekender to Overnight with just a zip giving you easy access to your belongings no matter the occasion. Wool and Oak takes the place of 3 or 4 bags with its easily convertible configuration for luxury.

YNOT—The YNOT Magnetic Series is a line of bags that truly shine, highlighted by its signature magnetic closures that make opening and closing a breeze for you, and difficult for any hands that shouldn’t be there. With water resistance to keep your belongings dry, you’ll always pick this bag to hold your electronics. The greatest part is that it seems to have infinite expanding prowess with its ability to hold anything you need and let you pack in that “one more thing”. This bag is comfortable, affordable, and a modern piece that should be in everyone’s closet as a go-to bag to carry just about anything.

MCNDO—MCNDO’s line of shoe wear is an upgrade to streetwear shoes. With inspirations taken from the streets of Miami, their shoes are constructed and designed to match any style of dress, all while adding a touch of modernity. We tried out the Champs pair and found that it was a challenge to find an outfit these shoes didn’t match. MCNDO is versatility meets style. Each pair is hand-tailored in and from leather and materials of Medellin, Columbia, creating a backstory for your kicks that are beyond compare.

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