We Get Punk'd By Instagram!


Instagram will soon own the right to sell your personal photos. BOOM -- we've been punk'd! It was too good to be true All those hipster filters that made you feel momentarily "arty" -- were just a ploy to lure you in to become a citizen's marketing brigade for hotels and restaurants.

If you're not already outraged, here's the skinny: Effective January 16th, there will be a new change in Instagram's terms of service. Advertisers on Facebook will now be able to use YOUR photos and information shared on Instagram!

Hotels, restaurant, bars, resorts, etc. will be able to buy the photos you take of your experiences from Instagram. The idea was born out of the fact these establishments are already doing this illegally. Now, when people take Instagram photos of that nice plate of food at a restaurant -- and tag it, the establishment will look it up and will pay Instagram to own it for advertising. And you -- and your stupid personal life -- have just contributed to their marketing campaign.

Basically, Big Brother is not only watching you -- but he's also profiting off your personal life. Let's face it friends, Instagram and Facebook are the social network of Scientology: they lure you in to join, then have an arsenal of personal information to blackmail you with if you decide to leave.

Your personal life is owned by Instagram.