We Got Naked To Endorse Sex Positivity

We teamed up to express the idea of free, conscious and confident women who are not sorry for their choices.

What’s the deal?

It might seem that we live in times when awareness of issues concerning female sexuality seems to be at its all-time high. However, there is still a great deal of taboos, labeling and slut-shaming being forced upon women in our society. 

That is what we, an international team of female co-workers for the sugar dating website that is called SugarDaters, realized after having a simple conversation. Even though we come from 12 European countries with different background and culture, the stereotypes concerning women sexuality are the same. 

Women who are more daring in their sexual expression are labeled as asking for it, while the ones who are quicker to act upon their instincts are characterized as easy. Sadly, this is what we as women are witnessing in our daily lives.

And not to mention about the “sugar dating” world, where sugar babies are being characterized as sex workers by society just because this type of relationship does not reflect with the majority’s idea of how a relationship should be. As Arielle said in the caption of her video: “A woman’s worth isn’t dependent on how some else values her, in regards to sexuality, gender expression body type or relationship”.

We, the team behind the campaign, strive to influence change in society’s worldview in regards to sugar dating, promote body positivity, self loving, honesty and more importantly, relationships, NOT services.

Therefore, we came up with the idea to make a statement that we all believe in. We teamed up to express the idea of free, conscious and confident women who are not sorry for their choices. That is how our Unapologetic Self campaign was born.

Why us (and why we are getting naked)

This is the real us who are behind this video: our bodies, our voices and messages that we wrote down by hand. We are extremely happy to share it, since it turned out just the way we wanted: raw, uncompromised and beautiful.

We undressed for the video; however, we chose not to show our faces. Why? because it is not about just us as individuals, it can be everybody. Our bodies here stand for bodies and minds of different women around the world; We feel like we are telling a story we are passionate about, and yet it goes far beyond us as specific persons.

We contacted Arielle a talented and very popular vlogger that supports the LGBT community, because she inspires people with the same values as our Unapologetic Self project. Being so passionate about what she’s doing, she immediately proposed to team up to endorse our purpose, and create together a very powerful message that would inspire many people that are being judged by society for their choices and sex life.

We could not say no, and therefore we flew out from Denmark to New York, to create together a forceful message that we hope is going to inspire thousands or why not millions of people who feel very insecure about their everyday choices, to learn how to love themselves and embrace who they are.

And it was a very good call. Judging by the comments Arielle got on her channel in regards to the video, we can say that our mission was accomplished.

The #unapologeticself

Long story short, our free will, our beautiful bodies and our sexuality should be celebrated every day. It might come off a tad controversial. If it does, well, this means that message is really worth spreading. Stop saying sorry for who you are. Stop being sorry for who you are. This one is for you and your unapologetic self.