We Have A Voice: The People


Community is a powerful word. It can mean a family coming together around their dinner table at night.  It can mean a neighborhood coming together to have a collective yard sale or to locate a missing dog.  And sometimes, it can mean a world of people coming together to be seen and heard and possibly make a difference. As part of many social and professional networks, I’ve seen the power of individuals reaching out to their friends, business connections and even their favorite celebrities to create awareness and unity.  

When I decided to attend the Women's march in Los Angeles last month, for me, at least, there was no prearranged goal or mission.  I had heard about it from a few friends and was curious.  However, I know through my history of fundraising and speaker engagements  that when you bring the masses together, sometimes, great things can happen and if you are really fortunate, you can make HISTORY. The most remarkable part of these photos by ALADDIN ISHMAEL is the abundance of people not being told HOW to change the world but taking action and express what means the world to them.

For me, the Women's March proved monumental.  It was energizing and exciting.  It also left me asking myself some tough questions.....Marc, what do you stand for?  Do you stand for something, or do you fall for everything?  And what are you willing to sacrifice to be heard???

At the day of the March and every day after, I am reminded that we are all members of a community pulling together for a cause or shared belief,  whether it be women’s rights, LGBTQ equality, Freedom of Religion, Planned Parenthood, or the fight for fresh water at the Pipeline Protest. Strength in numbers means finding others who share our same fight.  If we are willing to stand up to bullies and hypocrites and unite no matter what the personal cost, our  power becomes unlimited and we become unstoppable.  

I pledge to continue to have my voice be heard through staying alert, continued protests, letters and calls to my senators and congresspeople and writing articles such as this.

What are you willing to pledge?

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