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We Live In A Giving Universe

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Albert Einstein once said, "The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile Universe."

Deep down, we have all made a decision about what kind of Universe we live in, and our life reflects that.

Do you believe that the Universe is for you, or against you?

This is an important question, because the frequency of your thoughts determines the type of life you're going to have, so it's vital to keep your vibrational thoughts in alignment with the life you desire.

The truth is, we live in a generous, giving Universe -- but what does this really mean, and how can understanding this perspective help you to create a life you truly love living?

After coaching and mentoring tens of thousands of people in the art and science of transformation over the last 35 years...

I've found that many people focus on what they can GET from any given situation

When you're always focused on what you can get, you're always on what I call a "get" frequency... which is actually a frequency of scarcity and lack.

We live in an abundant, giving Universe, and when you practice being generous and using generous thinking and language, you actually never have to worry about getting -- because the frequency of your thoughts is one of increase.

If I tune in to the channel of CNN (what I call "constantly negative news"), I will continuously experience thoughts, mental images and results that align with that same frequency.


I can say all day long that I'd really like to experience the magic and miracles of the Discovery Channel... but, as long as I'm still tuned to CNN, I will continue to generate thoughts, feelings, actions and results that are in alignment with that frequency.

But, the fact is that you have a kind of magic remote control in your mind.

Just as you can change the channel on your TV, or change the frequency of your car radio, you can change how you transact and interact with the Infinite. This will dramatically alter your results.

You are creating results all the time, so let's make sure the results you create are the ones you really want!

Are you missing the big opportunities that come your way?

I once heard a story that vividly illustrated how so many of us miss our best opportunities, without even meaning to. It goes like this:

A young fisherman heard about this great fishing stream, so he went there, threw his line in, and waited. He kept waiting, but he wasn't getting a bite, and he was starting to get frustrated.

Then, down the riverbank, he saw an old fisherman who was pulling in one fish after another.

The young man thought, "Geez, he must have some really great bait or something."

Then he noticed that the older fellow was doing something really odd. Every time he caught a fish, he would unhook it, lay it down on the riverbank, and measure it with a broken-off ruler.

If the fish was bigger than the ruler, he'd actually throw it back into the stream. But if the fish was smaller, he would put it in his bucket.

The kid started wondering, "What's wrong with the big fish? Do they get bony when they're that big? Is there a law against keeping the big fish?"

So he approached the older man and said, "I'm not getting the kind of fish you're getting. I actually haven't caught anything yet. What kind of bait are you using? And why do you measure the fish the way you're measuring them?"

The old fisherman replied, "Sonny, I measure the fish for a good reason. See that broken-off ruler? That ruler is exactly the size of the frying pan I use to cook the fish."

We would laugh at the fisherman who does this...but are you doing it yourself?

The generous Universe is always sending us opportunities to do more, give more and become more.

You may receive an amazing idea, like a big fish, that will propel you toward something that you would love...

But when this happens, so many of us pull out our measuring devices, like our checkbooks, our education, our connections, and determine whether the idea or opportunity fits into our existing circumstances.

"Can I afford it? Do I have enough education to apply for the promotion?"

These are the limitations we've created for ourselves... our own frying pan.


Then we say, "I don't have the money. I don't have the time or know-how. I don't have a big enough frying pan to accommodate this idea, or this possibility."

And so, we take that big beautiful idea, that gift from the Universe seeking to bless us with a greater, freer, fuller expression of life, and we toss it back into the stream... and we say, "Give me an idea or goal that I can fit in the frying pan of the life I've been living."

There's a freer, fuller, more expansive life waiting for you... are you willing to say YES to it?

The longing that you feel for a greater life is no coincidence or selfish whim. It's a sacred calling.

As you practice being a person of increase, a person who makes a difference in every interaction and situation, you're going to find your life expanding.

You'll find yourself feeling more grateful and, because your vibrational thoughts are aligned with the life you desire, more opportunities to create that life will come to you.

Some of those opportunities may seem too big for the frying pan that you have...

But if you say, "Let me just entertain this. Let me look at what possible way I might be able to engage with this greater idea," then there are many, many wonderful possibilities with your name on them.

Amazing gifts and ideas are coming to you today.

It's up to you to take hold of them, and not throw them back into the stream of the Infinite!

I have a step-by-step method that empowers you to find opportunities and manifest your dreams, no matter where you're starting from.

Most of us have a "frying pan" way of looking at ourselves and the world that holds us back from creating a life we truly love... but, everyone also has a way to surpass their limitations, and shape their circumstances instead of letting their circumstances shape them.

Would you like to discover the proven step-by-step strategies to overcoming fear, limitations and procrastination, so that you can design a life you truly love without all of the "hard work" and struggle? Download a FREE copy of my ebook, Stronger Than Circumstances, right here.

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