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We Live in a New World

Today I wake and I am not a therapist or teacher, but a student. I am a humble student in awe of the new world in which we live.
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Today I wake and I am not a therapist or teacher, but a student. I am a humble student in awe of the new world in which we live. I have been awaiting this new world for nearly 25 years when in 1988 I sat among a crowd of my high school graduating peers and dreamed of a world where there would be consideration for all, not merely tolerance but a respect for those we may not understand or agree with, a world in which we would grow up enough to accept one another even while we may not share their beliefs. We are closer to that world than we have ever been.

The majority of our nation has spoken with our votes and while there is still a divide in the nation, I am wholeheartedly encouraged with faith renewed by a country that for much of my life I have experienced more frustration than pride.

This election was about more than race, though the majority stood together and clearly said, "No more will we allow your intimidation, no longer will we be bullied, no longer will we be of such small minded thought and spirit that we will sacrifice our well-being in attempt to keep another down." Women of all ethnicities and economic statuses stood for one another, our children and our world. In this we claim our power that fills our children with a knowing that mere words alone could never. Our bodies, our very souls were attacked and we responded with a clear message of, "enough."

I am a resident of Florida and as I write this, we are still awaiting the final results that in this writers opinion should have been called last night. Florida's history speaks for itself but in this election, in hopes of Florida going to President Obama for a second term, there is a crashing cascade of healing emerging. Within the state of Florida there are clear lines that are now slowly becoming blurred. In the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin tragedy and a governor who did not speak out publicly on the case until after it had the world's attention, the world responded -- there are no more excuses. We have risen to a level where ignoring an obvious truth because it would reveal a deeper hidden complex web of destruction is no longer condoned.

As a country, we must acknowledge that there is a wound that runs deeper than our economy and our national debt is not only fiscal but tangible. The wound must be opened and cleansed before it can begin to heal and return to health. I believe that is the opportunity and choice we now have as a nation, to heal.

As the mother of two beautiful multiracial daughters I breathe deeper this morning with a collective sigh and sense of an impending universal shift that this world can be, and has amply begun to be, the dream I and so many others have envisioned for years: the American dream - for all. In great gratitude to the ancestors that came before us who have delivered us to this pivotal place in history, our new world is the results of our lessons and this is the true revolution.

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