'Spawtlight' Is The Parody That SHOULD Have Won The Oscar

We love Boston, but this is still hilarious.

Spotlight’s best picture award Sunday was well-deserved, but you have to admit that the movie isn’t exactly a laugh riot.

Good thing there’s “Spawtlight.”

The parody trailer by comedy network Above Average explores a world in which the dedicated Spotlight team finishes their work on sexual abuse in the Catholic church and investigates what else is wrong with Boston: everything.

Boston-based media appears less than impressed with the video. Boston Magazine writes that the trailer “falls a little flat” and declares “it’s time for some new jokes.” And The Boston Globe -- home of the eponymous Spotlight team -- subtly shades the trailer by stating in their headline that the trailer “tries” to parody Spotlight.

Is anybody else in the mood for some Dunkin’ Donuts?