We Love You, Robin!

Yesterday afternoon when I saw the news that Robin Williams, a brilliant artist and fine human being took his life, I cried. When I went to pick my daughter up at camp, I found myself hugging and comforting others who were crying. I've been on several phone calls with people expressing their shock and sadness. People are posting on social media everywhere. No way can our oneness be questioned when you see how affected we all are when a brilliant light of our world, like Robin Williams, no longer shines to our visible eye. Or, when we see pictures of mothers and fathers around the world crying for their hurt children..

The news reported that Robin Williams was struggling with severe depression and had had recent challenges with his recovery from substance abuse. It is very common among people in recovery to uncover depression and other psychological issues laying underneath an addiction. Spiritual truth is that we are more than any label. Yet, it is imperative that we not do spiritual bypass and ignore or deny what shows up in the human experience. We must be humble enough to admit what needs to be addressed on the human level. If you or anyone you know is suffering with depression, there are solutions. There is no shame in asking for help or admitting that there are some things that you can't handle by yourself. Codependency, alcohol, drug, food and process addictions, such as porn, sex, gambling, workaholism are calls for love and only a spiritual solution is the answer.

Robin Williams' talent was incandescent. His genius palpable every time he opened his mouth. He radiated brilliance. His comedy sublime, spontaneous and hilarious; his acting deep and touching. I imagine it must have been quite a feat for him to manage the creativity that continually burst out of him. He was candid about his challenges with depression and addiction, which was brave because there is still shame and judgment in our society regarding depression, mental illness and recovery. One of the people that I comforted said, "couldn't he see that doing what he did would affect so many people.?" My answer was immediate, "no. He probably couldn't even see out of his own pain." I don't know that he didn't sense that it would cause his loved ones pain. I don't think he took his life to hurt anyone but only to eliminate the hum of despair that continuously ran through his mind that caused him to take this action.

So, in this moment, let us pause, stepping away from the busyness of our day, and our minds, allowing everything that has come before this present moment to slip away, and bring our awareness to our hearts and breathe as though we are breathing through our hearts. Let us remember that love is our true nature for it is at the center of our being. Let us take a collective moment of silence for Robin Williams, a man who elevated comedy with his razor sharp wit and extraordinary talent, his family, his friends, colleagues, sponsees and sponsors as they all journey the path of letting go and grieving. I know that loving arms received Robin and that loving arms comfort his wife and loved ones as they do us. May we know together that his spirit lives on. May we remember that tears and laughter soothe the body, mind and spirit so we let them flow as they will without judgment. Allow love to fill your heart and extend over and around you in every direction, giving great gratitude for all that is in your life. We give Robin Williams a standing ovation for all he gave to us. In deep gratitude, thank you Robin! Peace be still!
And so It is!

We love you, Robin!

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