We May Be Winning, After All!

Gary North, a regular writer, had a post this weekend entitled "Tactics, Not Strategy, In the Antiwar Movement." North describes the asymmetrical warfare of ideas between those who need armed nanny states, necessarily hazy yet perpetual threats to "nationhood" and constant war to exist and thrive, and the rest of us who frankly don't need it, don't want it, and especially don't like paying for it. He writes, "article by article, the Internet undermines the Establishment's will to resist." I just love the image of the Establishment's "will to resist" being undermined, weakened, panicked and made helpless. Dare I say, with an evil wink, waterboarded? That the American President was strongly urged and apparently considered bombing the global and internet empowered news provider Al Jazeera illustrates North's point perfectly.

The recent firing of Robert Scheer from the LA Times, and his apparent replacement by renowned fluff for brains Jonah Goldberg is another example of the establishment's "bomb Al Jazeera" strategy. I recall my days inside the Pentagon, watching the pitiful domestic media debate in 2002 on the pending Iraq invasion. When Jonah was insisting that the U.S. is not an empire because "host countries can get rid of [our military bases] by asking them to leave," Sheer was a brave voice of reason, wisdom and truth. Time has only further confirmed both Scheer's honesty and Goldberg's idiocy. Happily, we the people are not deprived -- Scheer"s website and many other outlets will freely provide Scheer's continued reporting and perspectives. On the other hand, Jonah, sophomoric and callous, will not be widely read by even LA Times subscribers, much less throughout the free market meritocracy of internet news and commentary. We win again!