We May Not Be Friends Anymore But I Still Wish You The Best

This article was originally published on Unwritten.

To an old friend,

Remember when we went to our first party together in high school? We stayed in bed for hours the next day. Remember when we took photos of us with mickeys and thought we were so cool? I laughed so hard telling my boyfriend about that. I want to thank you for always being there for me in high school when I needed you the most. You helped me with a lot of things, and I appreciate it.

I am happy to hear you’re doing okay, and I wish you the best. But, there is something I want you to know; I don’t miss you. You have sent me several messages, but I haven’t been able to tell you why I don’t want to reconnect. Yes, I miss our memories, but not you.

We were close, but you treated me badly. You hurt me, and I honestly don’t think you’ve changed. Our relationship had revolved around your life, and that’s it. Looking back at all the advice you gave me, it wasn’t because you were trying to help me, it was to benefit your life.

We didn’t see each other for over a year after high school, but you went out of your way to text me about small town drama. This is who you are. This is what you thrive on. You dragged me down, and I am happy to have that weight off.

Honestly, you find out who your real friends are after you graduate, and you just didn’t make the list. I am sorry for ignoring you, and I am sorry I haven’t reached out but I want to surround myself with positive people. I decided to focus on my own happiness. This is because I spent four years of my life worrying about what people thought about me, and gossip. When I finished grade 12, I realized I could finally pick the people I wanted in my life. When I left town, I could pick who I wanted to keep in touch with, and I only wanted the uplifting type to follow my journey.

I will always wish the best for you. I am happy to see you’re doing great. I will always cherish our memories. Sometimes people are just meant to walk in each other’s lives for a brief time, and that is our story.