We Met On A Plane: New Website Reconnects Flyers Who Forget To Exchange Numbers

New Website Reunites Passengers Who Met On Planes

There's nothing quite like discovering you're sitting next to an attractive person on that long haul flight from London to Los Angeles.

The conversation turns from civil to flirtatious as you forget you're hurtling through the air in a metal tube.

Still, for whatever reason, you miss that opportune moment to exchange numbers.

But there's no need to regret what might have been thanks to a new website that can help passengers reconnect with each other, reports The Australian.

Sounding more like a name for a romantic comedy, than a business, the new site is called "We Met on a Plane."

The site is the brainchild of Will Scully-Power, a 31 year-old Australian Internet entrepreneur, who says he came up with the idea after meeting his own girlfriend on a plane in 2011, reports CNN.

The encounter spurred him to start up the site, particularly when he later discovered there might be a market for the service.

"4,400 people search for 'met on a plane' in Google globally every month. This was enough data to for me to realize that I am not alone and there was no way until now for anyone to connect with someone they met on a plane without knowing their name," Scully-Power said in a press release.

So how exactly does it work?

The site allows users to enter your flight number, year, month, date, destination and origin. The search results show up with any relevant stories from that flight and give you the chance to reply to the story and reconnect with that special someone, should you be lucky enough to spot them.

If no relevant results pop up, you can also click "Share Your Story" and explain how you met. There's also the option to share the story on Facebook and Twitter to increase your chances of making a connection.

Airlines are also taking advantage of social media by pairing passengers with similar interests.

Most recently, KLM launched a social seating service that allows passengers to pick who they sit next to based on their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

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