We Must Elect Hillary Clinton as President of the United States: A Personal Endorsement

We Must Elect Hillary Clinton as President of the United States: A Personal Endorsement
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Friends, there is a candidate I hope you’ll do your best to elect as President of the United States: Hillary Clinton.

There are ways I can articulate my concern with those on the extremes of the left and right. That’s less necessary than the very urgent task ahead: electing a President who speaks in measured ways, who leans left (perhaps not enough yet), who can get things done.

Here are the reasons I endorse Hillary Clinton for President of the United States:
Hillary Clinton has made common sense gun regulation a cornerstone of her campaign; she champions LGBTQ rights around the world; she opposes Citizens United; she champions many progressive economic reforms; she champions immigration reform; she champions women’s rights; she champions civil rights (since her college days protesting to increase African-American admissions at Wellesley College), racial justice, and the end of mass incarceration. She has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood, Rabbis Against Gun Violence, Sierra Club, the AFL-CIO, and many other national organizations. She selected a running mate commited to a vision of America I also endorse. Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine have strong relationships with Israeli leaders and with American Jewish leaders who span the Israeli and American Jewish spectrum. These are all important parts of the leadership Hillary Clinton will bring America

Here are the reasons I will work to ensure Donald Trump does not become President of the United States:
Here, Hillary Clinton speaks rightly: Trump as president is a nightmare for our children and for the world. I will do what I can, as an American faith leader, and ask you to do the same, to stop every path before him. He is dangerous. Bullies are learning their methods from his campaign, racists are emboldened, the Republican Party is coming apart at the (fragile, untended) seams, and the divisions between Americans feel worse than ever. This is a moment, a dangerous, historic moment. Supreme Court Justices will be appointed by the next President, influencing our national culture for decades to come. We dare not stand idly by.

Which America do you wish to see? Because there are two real options before us: Hateful, or Imperfect. Click here for a clear articulation of Hillary Clinton’s response to what Donald Trump represents. I hear the worry in her voice, and I share it. Deeply.

Hillary Clinton is a leader, flawed like the rest of us. But when you look at the arc of her leadership, the world is better because of her hard work.
I will be proud to call her my President. You will be too.

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