We Must Stop Money Shaming Now

Shame is heavy. Shame whispers to you when you are all alone and tells you that you're not worthy and you'll never be good enough to have this or have that. Unless, we decide to free ourselves from shame and let it out and release the energetic ties that bound us in the first place.

You see shame lies dormant in our subconscious mind and limits of us as we go after our desires. It limits us in many ways, particularly in business and especially for women.

Think about it, we are still fighting for income equality, what message does that send to our subconscious? We are also called our for everything that we wear. Either it's too conservative or too revealing. We are too big or it's not flattering on us. Our bodies are never good enough and now it's going even further. In a society filled with people working everyday to make money and enjoy the finer things in life (because that is the point) we are now shaming the people who are winning.

For all of these reasons I was extremely disappointed by the viral Hillary Clinton post with a shaming headline. I immediately I thought, this is exactly why so many Americans are struggling with money.

The headline read, " Hillary Clinton gave a speech about income equality while wearing a $12,495 Armani jacket".

Yep. This type of belief and message is the exact reason millions of people struggling to overcome their subconscious money beliefs that are keeping them broke. Why do so many feel that this woman does not deserve to wear what she wants? Anyone that liked or shared this post has a belief that one can't possibly be wealthy and simultaneously care about equality for women.

Here's the deal, if you believe this you will never become wealthy yourself. It's not about your political beliefs because I did not vote for Hillary. It's about money shaming and the underlying beliefs around money, period.


I'm a mindset coach with a background in finance. My subconscious money beliefs led me to sabotage my own income multiple times. I knew better than to sabotage my money, I could not wrap my mind around why I would do this. The realization of my own patterns led me to examine my subconscious beliefs. When I did the work around my money patterns I found that I believed earning and saving larger amounts of money was not spiritually right. I had serious yet subtle money guilt, I wondered why I would stop working after every 5 figure month only to feel frustrated with myself after. Growing up without much, I picked up the belief that good people don't hoard their money and we didn't need excessive money to be happy. We've all heard that money is the root of all evil. Well, it turns out I actually believed it on a subconscious level. I had a toxic belief that wealthy people do not care about the poor.

Unfortunately, I was not alone. This is an underlying agreement made by many Americans and it limits our ability to earn and save money beyond what we are accustomed to.

I now know the truth and I can assure you that these beliefs are false. I am grateful to now see beyond this limiting haze in order to rework my conditioning.

If we guilt and shame people who have money and label them as bad or damaging to society how are we ever going to gain the material luxuries that we desire?

Money does not make you evil or greedy! Using your money in evil ways does.

Don't fall into this trap.

Here's another point that needs to be made, celebrities are dressed for events by designers for free. We don't know what is happening with Hillary or anyone else for that matter. For the thousands of people biting this bait, please stop being a brat. What someone wants to wear is none of your business.

Hillary works hard, she has been through a lot and deserves to be where she is. Clinton is the former First Lady of our country and potentially the first female POTUS if she wants to wear a $13k jacket, I support it.

If you were one of the "likers" to the shame post, keep this in mind, it's all relative to her income. It may be the equivalent to someone with a $50K salary spending $250 at H&M.

Let's stop shaming people for how they spend their money simply because you do not agree or don't have that amount to spend yourself. And how about we stop shaming people for their salaries or their ability to earn millions and enjoy life as they wish.

Isn't that the goal??? Make a lot of money to enjoy life as we desire?

Many have mentioned that this jacket was inappropriate due to the context of the speech. HOW? Hillary is beating the oppressive system. It's apparent by the speech she is delivering and the outfit she is able to wear. She is obviously succeeding at what the rest of us are working hard to do. Remember, to make money so we can enjoy life as we desire?

Let's applaud her wins, ladies! Let's celebrate the fact that a woman can stand on a stage, run for President of the United States and wear whatever the hell she wants. The next time you consider shaming a woman (or man) for anything, check your beliefs as your judgments are your mirror and say more about yourself than the subject.

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