We Must Understand History To Understand A Trump Presidency

RALEIGH, NC - JULY 5:  Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump motions to the crowd while leaving the stage
RALEIGH, NC - JULY 5: Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump motions to the crowd while leaving the stage after a campaign event at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts on July 5, 2016 in Raleigh, North Carolina. Earlier in the day Hillary Clinton campaigned in Charlotte, North Carolina with President Barack Obama. (Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)

We find ourselves four months before a crucial presidential election here in the United States.

This along with the time honored tradition of seeing both parties throwing everything they can to gain public favor.

Donald Trump though has opted to work from a style only becoming of personified "me" - this has been achieved between the concepts of building walls around our borders to the deportation of illegal aliens as demonstrated time and again that HIS goals are strictly for personal gain -- not to those of the benefit for those who he stands to represent.

With the tragedies in Orlando, Turkey and Bangladesh taking the forefront of news wires we hear him talk about implementing waterboarding to his repertoire of resistance breaking techniques.

All while many of the millennial voters who attend the rallies have proven online and through interviews their too limited knowledge of our United States history along with political experience on the global state of affairs.

Too many on this critical issue to America, just passing our Independence Day, have never known not too long ago a generation where threats of Austrian leaders spoke of radical reform for that country in which adopting those policies would "make it better" for all and soon by building walls and killing families at the cost of six millions lives lost.

Today, our European allies currently view Donald Trump as a farce making our Country too often resemble a bastard child hidden in the shadows of society.

Please note, Donald Trump is a man who openly stated he encouraged that the families of terrorists be executed as well -- in complete contradiction of the Geneva Convention. If an American government were to undertake measures such as this one, every treaty this Country is a signatory to being a part of comes into question.

The year is 2016 and the United States has already implemented a series of social movements which have helped to solidify itself to the world as once again being a leader of moral leadership.

How and why?

Many reasons exist but let's examine purely good works by America.

Science and research have created technology to drive a growing economy for generations.

Yes -- Industry has forced America to globalize.

Yes -- Many Americans have become wealthy.

Just as America has lost jobs, it should not be lost that many live far better off globally for ensuring for humane labor standards abroad.

Unless that this, you have the last name Trump. Then opportunity is an education course away history would have you believe.

Even certain states have raised the minimum wage. More states will.

And it is expensive for business. It's also more expensive not to pay the American worker, who gets up daily, does the job to not earn a living wage more.

People should recall that many of our senior citizens and those past fought valiantly on the shores of Europe hoping to prevent the idealism branded by the Nazi party from spreading worldwide. Today their grandchildren have walked over that sacrifice ten fold by supporting words which although spoken in modern context resonate from similar suspicions and views over seventy years ago.

How far does Trump wish to take us?

How many more lives will be at risk if we blindly follow and support views that violate every known treatment of prisoners to begin with?

Not to mention of course the ramification and retributions which would bound to follow suit should he become president and implement these policies to our forces.

Donald Trump knows how to capture the attention of his audience (look at the ratings for the Apprentice) but his promises have time and again resulted in let downs and failure (Remember Trump Airlines?) and although he paints himself as the next greatest leader by "taking care of our Veterans" without any policy specifics whatsoever.

Rather than uniting us together as a great nation if elected, this country will be beyond divided internally. America in the views of the UN will become the brunt of jokes and cause for concern of war crimes trials. For those who like the idea of waterboarding -- please refer to geography and remember that certain countries follow "an eye for an eye" which we too are slowly moving towards unless we recognize the truth for what it is.

The truth of the matter is that when headed to the voting booth on election day, Americans need to know this country will not survive a Donald Trump presidency.

Michael Duga has served in numerous roles beginning in the Clinton Administration. This includes serving as Chief of Staff to Former Senator Max Cleland and as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Department of Defense. Mr. Duga is currently the Chairman of the Say No To Trump political action committee.