No, Seriously, We Mustache You To Stop Doing This... (PHOTOS)

No, Seriously, We Mustache You To Stop Doing This...

Happy Mexican Cultural Insensitivity Awareness Day! Also known as Drinko...I mean... Cinco de Mayo in the United States.

Yes, today is Mexican Independence Day. Wait, it’s not? Why are we drinking again? I have an unhealthy amount of tequila, a sombrero and a cut-out mustache I’m ready to whip out, so I’m really hoping this has something to do with Mexico. What do you mean not all Mexicans wear sombreros and mustaches? Is Tequila even Mexican? Yea!? Phew, I was this close to being totally culturally insensitive. So what’s Drinko de Mayo about, again?


If only conversations on Cinco De Mayo ended like that. Alas, it seems that some Americans have a hard time grasping the true spirit of the Mexican holiday.

While a couple of chelas or shots of tequila are always welcome in a celebration, we can assure you there is no need to “dress up like a Mexican” to honor your southern neighbor’s culture. In fact, if you want to celebrate their culture try not insulting Mexicans by getting wasted while wearing sombreros, mustaches or cholo outfits.

Over the weekend, many celebrated the Mexican holiday and Instagrammed their favorite moments with the #cincodemayo hashtag. We took a little peek and chose a select group of people who will show you everything you should stop doing on Cinco de Mayo. Seriously, don’t do it.

What a coincidence, we mustache you to stop.

We mustache you a question. #cincodemayo

Because nothing says ‘I Love You’ like a little PDA and plenty of cultural insensitivity.

Mustache kisses 👨 🍺 ❤️ #ucrawlbarcrawl#cincodedrinko #cincodemayo #loveyou

No, you don't look cool at all. Yes, we're talking to you.

Out here at @eyeheartsf SANFRANCINCO BLOCK PARTY!!! #mustache #cincodemayo eyeheartsf

So I just found out I can draw on my pictures… Hold on, let me take a selfie. #CulturalFail

#cincodemayo #selfie #selfpic

Clearly, these two are too cool for school. So here’s a lesson, we’ll keep it simple: Mexicans =/= Gangsters or Cholos. #truestory

Happy #cincodemayo from your fav Mexican gangsters! 🔫💰

Proudly wearing Mexican flags as capes. Score! Wearing sombreros and bigger-than-life mustaches while doing that. Nope!

#ehsf #cincodemayo #party #sanfrancinco Viva Mexico!! 🍻

Paper cut out mustaches are cute but NOT for Cinco de Mayo. Don't fight it, just go have some tequila.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! #sombrero #cincodemayo#mustache

SERIOUSLY!? Cultural insensitivity...brought to you by these guys since #08. Also, add this to list of things not to be proud of → #firstpeopletodressup

#flashbackdemayo #08 #cincodemayo #h1n1#firstpeopletodressup #mustache #mexicanoson

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, fortunately this thoughtful lady gave us four...

Happy El Cinco de Drinko🍹! Seriously Happy Cinco de Mayo! #TBTpic #ElRanchito #Mustache #Cincodemayo

Make. It. Stop.

Ahh memories… we’re all for going down memory lane as long as that lane is not filled with ponchos, sombreros, tequila and inappropriate cultural appropriation. Thanks.

CORRECTION: Buy a bunch of tequila and be yourself. #NoMoreMustaches

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