This Asians-Only 'Bachelorette' Is The Reality Show We Need Right Now

If he doesn't take off his shoes before he enters the Bachelor mansion, he doesn't deserve a rose.

Whether you love it ― or just love to hate it ― we all can agree on one thing about “The Bachelor” franchise: The show could definitely use more Asian contestants each season.

Now, thanks to a hilarious spoof from the comedy crew Wong Fu Productions, we finally get a chance to see what would happen if Asian dudes got their chance to vie for a “Bachelorette’s” heart.

In fact, in this version of the reality show, the guys are only Asians. (Plus, one token white guy.)

Yeah, we’d watch that.

As for specific contestants, there’s a Filipino nurse, a super dreamy Korean soap star, a Beijing-based entrepreneur ― and Nic, a dentist who’s in the house “to represent brown town.”

Plus, your “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” crush Ki Hong Lee makes an appearance as an investment banker who can definitely hold down his liquor:

Watch the clip above to see how it all plays out.

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